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– Hi guys, welcome to this video, today we’re looking at the exciting installation of a shower tray. So watch the video. Remember to subscribe, remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and also remember to hold tight. See you soon. – [Announcer], Home of Find Your Plumber. – Right then guys […]

How to Properly Pick Up Your Child | Parenting and Back Wellness from Align Wellness Center

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– Hey, it’s Dr. Gerstin from Align Wellness Center and I wanted to go over a tip that I frequently get asked. “How should I be picking up my kids?” So, what I’d like to do is enroll my good friend Jordan. Would you come here? Hey, this is my little daughter, she’s two years […]

Tell Me About: How To Use the Bio Bidet Palm TP-200 Travel Bidet

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greetings BioBidet fans today tell me about its going to be on our TP 200 travel today with rechargeable battery and USB charger stick around I’m going to tell you all about it greetings BioBidet fans this is Alan the media and marketing executive at BioBidet coming at you with another tell me about today’s […]

Детская обувь Shupeas с изменяющимся размером (0-18 мес.)

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introducing shoe pees the only shoe that grows with your baby during the first two years watching your baby grow is exciting but the need to replace shoes every few months is costly why buy four pairs when just one pair of shoe pees will do shoe pees offers the newest technology and soft sole […]

How To Replace Leaking Tub To Shower Diverter Valve Rotation Style

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[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m going to show you how to replace a leaking diverter valve. [WATER RUNNING] It’s leaking right from the handle. Tighten that up. Replace this with this new one. What you do is lift this up underneath the index button. A little arrow for down. You turn it to tub, up for the […]

DIY Hot shower – Immersion heater

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Hi, today I’m going to show you my DIY hot water shower it uses a 2.5 gallon water container with some flexible hose for the actual shower head and inside is a 400 peso immersion heater. Now this is just going to be a quick overview video and if people like it, I can do […]

Infant Care & Baby Care Equipment | Infant Care & Baby Care Equipment Manufacturer

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NET Brand Infant Care & Baby Care Equipment from Narang Medical Limited – India Infant Radiant Warmer – Premium with Fixed Baby Cradle and Drawers Infant Radiant Warmer – Standard with Fixed Baby Cradle and Drawers Infant Radiant Warmer – Premium with Fixed Baby Cradle Infant Radiant Warmer – Standard with Fixed Baby Cradle Infant […]

Bemis STA-TITE® Top Fix – No more loose or wobble seat!

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Have you ever dealt with a loose toilet seat? You’re not the only one! It’s the number one issue with toilet seats today. Changing your loose seat can be a hassle when there is no easy access to the bottom of the pan. To tackle this problem we created STA-TITE Top Fix an innovative fixing […]


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living in luxury! okay what is up guys it’s eva welcome back to vlogtowski and guys I know I look like I’m bald today if you’re new to this channel I promise I have a lot more hair than this it is just braided up and I need to get my braids redone today is […]

Before And After Master Bathroom Renovation

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Hello I’m Jennifer with Jennifer decorates and today’s video is going to be part 2 of the series that we’re doing about our old house that we renovated and this one is going to be all about the master bedroom and the master bath. So this is the house where Scott and I lived for […]