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Baby Spa in Singapore

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Seed Stitch washcloth tutorial Part 1

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Well good mornin’ sunshine! I am happy to see you here today. I am going to show you how to knit this seed stitch washcloth. The color pattern that you see is called “planned pooling” or “color pooling.” I call it color pooling because I did not plan it, but it looks like I did, […]

Learn How to Crochet Light Heart Dishcloth for Valentine’s Day

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Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from naztazia.com Today I’ll show how to make this light heart dish cloth or decoration. I’m using some Red Heart yarn and a size H hook. To begin make a slipknot and chain 18. Skip the first three chains and in the fourth chain make 5 double crochet stitches. One two […]

Coolsculpting with Celebrity DJ Traci Steele // CAS Med Spa-Coolsculpting

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Coolsculpting Near Me in West Atlanta Georgia | Coolsculpting with Celebrity DJ Traci Steele | CAS Med Spa so we are doing sculpting right now I am blank and so tertiary has this beautiful like hourglass her first and carve it out a little bit more what do you feel in there don’t those great […]

[ENG/RUS/SPA] 190626 Jackson Wang Team Wang 2nd anniversary

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Get a Klue about Soap Scum

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Hey guys, Klueles Kat here again, …and today we are getting a Klue about… soap scum! So, one of the fun bathtime activities that I have allowed my toddlers over the years to do, is play with chalk on the bathtub walls, however, this is not always easy to clean off. So, I’ll give you […]

Seed Stitch Washcloth Part 2

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(upbeat music plays over the time-lapse) That was fun! Awesome. Okay now it’s done we are going to cast off Which means take all these special little loops, And make it so they don’t just come flying off the needle and ruin the piece that we just worked so hard to make. The easiest method […]

SPA Predictions for 2019

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2019 will be a year of continuity and contradiction. 2019 is going to be a revolutionary year. A year of representation and participation. A year of robust political engagement. My prediction for 2019 is that social media is going to continue to revolutionize how young people and how diverse people are engaged in civic politics […]

Best Toys for Babies and Toddlers | Parents

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So you’re a new mom and feeling pretty overwhelmed about the toy selection for your baby or toddler. With so many options what do you choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To start, babies love to grab things, something like this colorful an intriguing toy called the Swish Stix is perfect for that. Will […]