Women Try Lemisol Feminine Wash For The First Time

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– What would your sales pitch be for this? You got a stinky vagina? I got just the thing for you. – I think mine’s would be like, (speaking foreign language) (string music) – Today, we’re talking it old school. We’re gonna throw it back to a product our mamas and our grandmamas used. – […]


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New Studies PROVE Americans Are Drinking Toxic Tap Water

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New studies have been proven that American citizens had been drinking tap water that’s been poisoned by DuPont and 3M and other corporate giants. Joining me to talk about this is Farron Cousins from the trial lawyer magazine. Farron, you know, I tried the first, I tried the first C8 cases ever tried in America […]

[#AllTimePick] (ENG/SPA/IND) Cho Bo Ah ♥ Handsome Korean Guy | #ShutUpFlowerBoyBand | #Diggle

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Hello? (They changed houses temporarily) Let’s not open each other’s drawers or anything Of course (A great follower of promises) (What did I just see?) I hate people touching my stuff, too Okay, I’ll leave everything alone Why do you do so many part-time jobs? What? Are you looking through my stuff? I wasn’t (Strike!) […]

7 MiLLiON ORBEEZ iN OUR SPA | Toy Scavenger Hunt Challenge with KamriNoel

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Upscaling Comparison – Final Styricum Shower

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I’ve got to say, upscaling Final Styricum Shower was one of the most rewarding video projects for me because I did a lot of things that sound really stupid, but they worked well and I’m happy with the result. The original video 720p, 25 FPS… and it has resampling errors which cause ghostly images around […]

Vídeo de Natal TAP 2018: “TAP é Portugal” 🎄 / TAP Christmas Video 2018: “TAP is Portugal”

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I want to be your destination and homecoming To make the world Your place to be I want to be the wings That lift your dream of flying TAP is Portugal This Christmas Bringing the warm hug That you have been promised The tenderness, the embrace Bring your kiss as well! I’m opening my arms […]

Acidente TAP 1977 – Em Reportagem – TP 425 O Voo Interminavel – RTP1

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The Endless Flight The Endless Flight The Endless Flight The Endless Flight 30 years ago, Portugal mourned. 30 years ago, Portugal mourned. 30 years ago, Portugal mourned. 30 years ago, Portugal mourned. A TAP Boeing 727-200 with 164 people onboard A TAP Boeing 727-200 with 164 people onboard crashed at the end of Madeira’s Funchal […]

WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!! Jenny is pregnant! Surprises the family with help from friends at Disney!

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7 arrested in raid at Tang Dynasty Foot Spa in Jacksonville Beach

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