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Alright guys here I am sitting on the floor just like yesterday but in the bathroom so we are going to clean out the last spaces of downstairs and then we’ve like totally cleaned out this house we are gonna pop into the closet where the dogs sleep and there’s just some stuff on the […]

Lush How It’s Made: Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub (2018)

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(upbeat country music) – Hey everyone. I’m Chelsea. Today we’re gonna be compounding Rub Rub Rub made by our lovely compounder, Garrick. (upbeat music) (drill whirling) Rub Rub Rub is super easy to use. All you have to do is take a nice scoop out when you get into the shower and lather it onto […]

👶BABY Shower Shopping🎁

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Good morning YouTube friends! This the first episode of ‘Sunny Try’, This is a new segment that I made for this channel, whenever I try something interesting or really expensive in Korea, I will try and experience it, then review it for you guys! For the first episode, I will review ‘Jeonggwanjang Spa G’. They […]

The Secret Life Of Pets – Baby Hazel Spa Makeover – Baby Hazel Games To Play – Movies For Kids 2017

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The Secret Life Of Pets – Baby Hazel Spa Makeover

Five Most Common Problems With Laundry Washing Machines

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Ok today I wanted to go over the five most common problems with washing machines with you the number one most often problem with washing machines is a washing machine that doesn’t drain or spin most often caused by a broken lid switch you should hear a click as this goes into place If you […]

Honest Car Wash Review – Xtreme Xperience

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hey guys I’m rich from Xtreme Xperience, I’m one Juan’s our expert detailer we’re gonna put honest wash to the test so we’re gonna give you a quick reviewed and see how it does on this GTR that’s been on the racetrack all weekend stay tuned so we just mixed up a nice healthy dosage […]

Monkey Boy Baby Shower Theme

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Why Trugard vs Rubber Shower Pan or Liquid Paint-on Waterproofing Tile Showers

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hi I’m Matt Chrysler one of the cofounders of the Trugard vapor shield shower waterproofing system. So I just noticed some cracks here in this fiberglass. Now they aren’t going all the way through, but the finish is already starting to break down. But you guys, the reason that there’s a fiberglass tub in this […]

Video: Quiet weekend, messy Monday storm (12-27-19)

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