How to replace a Bosch, Siemens or Neff washing machine door seal gasket

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hi and welcome to this video is on how to change a door seal you can use it on bosch, neff, siemens or appliances right we will just start and giving you the tools and everything else you need to do the job in the text around here while i take the lid off […]

WATCH: Mild Highs And Showers Returning!

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Perseid meteor shower coming to a sky near you

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How To Fix a Dripping Tap – Washer Change – Plumbing Tips

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– Hello, and welcome to this video. Today I’m gonna show you how to change a tap washer to stop this tap from leaking. It’s gonna be mental. Right, to achieve success you’re gonna need a tap washer repair kit, a phillips-head or a cross-headed screwdriver, an adjustable spanner, a set of grips and […]

Pausa Aala Tap Tap – पावसा आला टप टप – Kids Marathi Song – मराठी गाणी

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“It is raining pitter, patter, pitter, patter.” “We will clap with a bang, bang, bang.” “Everywhere become beautiful.” “The birds are seated on the roof.” “Everywhere become beautiful.” “The birds are seated on the roof.” “The birds have flocked together..” “It is raining pitter, patter, pitter, patter.” “We will clap with a bang, bang, bang.” […]

Protect Yourself from Med Spa Scams!

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And we actually have your attorney joining us now. From the perspective you’re looking at it, as the lawyer representing some of these individuals, anything that viewers should be aware of to protect themselves? Well, to protect yourself, I think what you gotta do it do what my client did, which was inform herself and […]

Baby Yoga Give Yourself a Cuddle

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hi my name’s Lucy and I’m a qualified Baby Yoga Instructor and we want to show you a fun little two minute stretch that you can do with your baby So before we start we’re going to make sure baby is happy and well and we’re only going to take the moves as far as […]

Mini tutorial for a sonic face cleanser can be seen on HSN

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Apple Strudel / Original Bavarian Recipe / Dutch Oven / The BBQ Lady

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Hello this is Anja and I welcome you another episode of “The BBQ Lady” straight out of Bavaria in Germany. Today I am having an apple strudel, namely a Bavarian apple strudel… …the way my grandma had already prepared it. This is different from other strudels, because here we already have a sauce included. Specifically, […]

30 Brilliant Organizing Ideas For Tiny Bathroom

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You won’t want to do all of these at once but if you pick one or two of them you might be surprised at how much your life improves Or just feel proud that you did something productive. Here Are 30 Brilliant Hacks For Your Tiny Bathroom 1. Add a frame to your basic mirror […]