29+ Small Bathrooms, Design Ideas for Tiny Spaces | Part 3

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Hello! Welcome to channel RunmanReCords Design! Today you will see best ideas for a small bathroom. Beautiful decor and compact shower. Classic bathroom with green walls. Small bathroom, great decor ideas. Stylish gray tile. Amazing, tiny bathroom and beautiful sink. Classic bathroom again – stylish and simple! Thank you for watching! Subscribe to my channel […]

Best Spike Moments 3

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Is everyone here very stoned? You got any of those little marshmallows? This is gonna be worth it. Ow! Have we met? Uh, you hit me with an axe one time. Remember? Uh *imitates* “get the hell away from my daughter”? I’m the one who’s on your side. Me. Doing you a favor. And you […]

Taking Cold Showers is a MUST!

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hi I’m Alex your Internet anthropologist have you guys ever had those days where you just unexplainably tired you can’t get anything done you have no motivation you’re just straight-up lazy well don’t grab your coffee just yet we’re gonna be doing something called taking a Cold Shower the benefits are unexplainable and in this […]

Why Our Best Thoughts Come to Us in the Shower

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We might suppose that the best place to think would be a large room with a big desk, plenty of natural light and a window with a view – perhaps onto water or a park. This is the premise behind the layout of most offices. The nearer one gets to the top, the closer one’s […]

Stop and Smell the Fried Flowers of Thailand

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(upbeat string music) (speaking in a foreign language) – [Narrator] We all know that everything tastes better deep-fried. But what if I told you that in Thailand, the same goes for flowers? Eating flowers goes back generations to when other foods were scarce and today, can be found in both luxury restaurants and street vendors […]

How to correctly Waterproof a Tile Shower Bench – by TrugardDirect.com

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Next, we’re going to install a corner right here. I’m going to make a slit right here I’ve got a corner over here. Make a cut upwards, not downwards, if you don’t want to poke a holehere. So we’re gonna make the cut upward. Okay, so we cut it upward and now we overlap there. […]

Tub And Shower Faucet Relocate 1/9

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in this video here we are going to relocate this term valve and we’re going to put it back to the spot where it originally was a customer here seems to be having a problem with so we’re going to relocate it back to its original condition right here you see the one you just […]

5000 Pounds Of Slime In Hot Tub!

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スライムで風呂作ってみた I make Slime Bathtub !

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XX/XX/20XX Somewhere in Tokyo Dr. Hajime is in the lab doing an experiment. Hello, everyone. I’m Dr. Hajime. Do you know slime? Right. That thick stuff. I’m going to do a special experiment for slime today for the first time. That’s right. Slime bath. Why do I make it? It’s man’s nature. The materials are […]

13 Hygiene Things We Learnt to Do Wrong

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It’s your personal sanctuary, your private concert stage, the place where all your most ingenious ideas and random thoughts pop into your head, and other things just pop out. I’m talking about the bathroom, also known as the rest room, lavatory, and, for you engineers out there, it’s the cubical digestive elimination venue. Wait, you […]