Sarah’s Snow Plow Is Frozen Stuck | Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoons for Kids

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(lively xylophone music) (lively festive music) – My goodness. Look at all this snow. Glad my snowplow is all warmed up and able to push all of it out of the way. Let me lift the snow up a little. (creaking) Whoa, what’s going on? (creaking) Oh no, something’s wrong with my snowplow. It’s stuck. […]

“Wash Me Gently” LUV Naturals Hair Washing Routine

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once upon a time there was a woman with unmanageable hair She had problems with tangles and knots everwhere she couldn’t get it to grow, it broke off and it tore. It was a vicious cycle well, not anymore. not that we’ve completed step one detain going on here it’s time to move on to […]

[4K] HyunA & Dawn ‘Flower Shower’ & ‘Money’ STAGE SHOWCASE (현아, 던, ENG, KOR cc)

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dudu dudu I just wanna be your flower, freshly red With my flowery scent, I lure in all the bees Even as flowers wither, don’t you worry they will bloom again As I bloom in vivid colors, everyone stares at me They’re all looking at me now, all of this attention I don’t hate it […]

What does the Perseids meteor shower have to do with murder?

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Every day, Earth is bombarded by tiny meteors These small fragments of cosmic matter burn up in our atmosphere and have lit up the night sky for hundreds of thousands of years. When they occur in large numbers, we might see a meteor shower These events are so spectacular that throughout human history we have […]

Testing a portable high power broken tap remover (SFX-4000B)

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A Chinese company with a hard-to-pronounce name thought it would be a good idea if I tested their EDM Machine After that googling EDM I agreed. Because who doesn’t want to play with a spark generating metal vaporising machine So here it is. The SFX-4000B high power broken tap remover And it’s actually their high-end […]

iPhone Tap & Hold Options

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Welcome to Tap That, iOS tips in 60 seconds or less. Today we’re going to review the different tap and hold options. You can select text by single tapping and dragging the handles… …or by tapping and holding. When using a standard app like Mail, you can cut… …copy… …paste… Suggest words for spelling checking… […]

Una famiglia imperfetta EPISODIO 32:Week-end alla SPA

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Kate,what have you decided to do with Luke ? I don’t know…I’m still undecided do what your heart tells you do you have evaluated all the pros and cons ? girls…I love you but you are not helping for me! Lily always follows the faded and the heart and Emily is too rational then you […]

Romantische Gitaarmuziek Spaanse Instrumentale Ontspannen Achtergrond Nummers Rustgevende Zachte Spa

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Adding a Bathroom to a Home : Sewer Lines in Bathroom Installation

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Ok. We’re outside the house now. We’re going to talk about where we tie these to the existing sewer line. And, you remember that we had Arizona Blue State come out and mark the ground on the street to give us an idea of where this sewer line is. Where it ties into the main […]

A Tale of Love…In the Bathroom // Presented By BuzzFeed & Scrubbing Bubbles

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– Alright. Okay. – Keep watching, I’ll be right back. He went through my stuff. – Hey, do not use that towel. Use this. – Thank you. – Oh! Come on, man! – Oy, boys are gross. – Hey. – [Woman] Hey. – I got you this. – [Woman] What? – Yep, you can keep […]