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Hi everyone, no video today I’m here with my two Baby Alive and I’m going to take them to a beauty treatment at the Spa if you are not yet registered, sign up to join me and do not forget to leave your tastes and your comments follow the video to the end to see […]

SPA LAND BUSAN Korea, Eating RAW Octopus in FISH MARKET natural kaos 4K 먹방

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welcome to my channel I’m Kim and this is Natural Kaos and we are in Seoul Korea living it up doing the most luxurious skincare and stay at the most luxurious place the Four Seasons in Seoul we are actually going to take the speed train down from Seoul to Busan and we’re going to […]

How to Sew Placemats – Learn to Sew Series

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Hey guys, it’s Melanie from welcome back to my channel. Today learn to sew video three we’re gonna get into our first tutorial we are gonna be making placemats, reversible placemats to be exact. So I’ve got pink on one side an adorable like linen dot on the other side. You need your basic […]

WASHANDJE? … These foreigners have no clue!

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What is this? Ah… This is to clean the table. Oh…. For a second, I thought it was like… a little hand towel you can just carry in your pocket. Um… The first time I saw one, I went to my boyfriend’s mum’s house, and she gave me one, and I didn’t know what to […]

How To Wash & Dry A Brand New Car! – Chemical Guys

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(loud electronic whooshing) – Happy Monday, and welcome back to the Detail Garage. Joseph here, along with Nick with some exciting news. Today, we’re gonna do something a little bit different, starting off fresh. And what better way to do that than to showcase how we properly wash your brand new vehicle, right Nick? – […]

Pamper your infant at this Chicago baby spa

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“You Wash Yourself With What?!” | Multicultural Couples Talk Hygiene | 2 Cultures, 1 Couple

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– You wash your legs? – Well, when I shave them yes. – What do you mean? You don’t, wait. (laughing) You don’t always wash your legs? – You mean like, put soap on my legs? – Yes. – No because wait– – What do you mean you don’t wash your legs all the time? […]

The £1200 kettle, aka the Quooker boiling water tap reviewed

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Ten years ago if you told me I needed to spend 1,200 quid on a kettle I would have said you were as mad as a box of frogs After all 1,200 quid will buy you about 67 normal kettles which is certainly enough to meet my own boiling needs, not to mention those probably […]

🔵 Glowing Heater Sounds and Shower Sounds Sleep Video

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Hello everyone! This weeks relaxing video comes from a subscribers request. They wanted to see the fan sound shower video combined with the electric heater sounds video. So here it is! Comment down below and let me know what you think of this. Relax and sleep well my friends.

Upgrade (2018) – Bathroom Beatdown Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

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Grey: Can I have everybody’s attention? I know that some scumbag in here knows one of the guys who murder my wife. His name is Serk Brantner. So if you know Serk or if you know any information of the killing of my wife, you can just raise your hand and… you know….stand up and […]