Install a Shower Pan Part 2: Cutting the Wedi Fundo Primo (Step-by-Step)

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As we said in our last video, learning how to install a shower pan begins with proper prep. And one of the things that you should keep in mind is the relationship between the shower pan and the curb and how that is going to affect the finished look of your tile. But unfortunately, whenever […]

Learn English vocabulary in the BATHROOM :)

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“Teacher! Teacher! Ronnie! Ronnie! Can I go — can I go bathroom?” “What? ‘Can I go bathroom?’ Okay. ‘Can I go to the bathroom?’ Yes. ‘Can I go bathroom?’ No. Not in here, please. If you said, “Can I go bathroom”, that means that you are going to pee where you are. Please go to […]

Why we need gender-neutral bathrooms | Ivan Coyote

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There are a few things that all of us need. We all need air to breathe. We need clean water to drink. We need food to eat. We need shelter and love. You know. Love is great, too. And we all need a safe place to pee. (Laughter) Yeah? As a trans person who doesn’t […]

Switching Clothes with my Brother!!!! part 2

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Hey guys, Its Karina its Ronald from sis vs bro and today we’re gonna be switching our clothes for 1 week Wish me good luck. I don’t think I’m gonna survive guys these pants are too small for me. I gotta find new ones Okay, so now it’s my turn ronald don’t worry i have […]

Clean Shower Grime and Soap Scum: Baking Soda Solutions

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Mom likes her bathroom to be so clean it sparkles, so when the shower get grimy, it’s my job to make it shine! I sprinkle some Baking Soda onto a sponge, scrub the walls and then I rinse! Same goes for the shower door! It’s super easy and it makes mom happy! Check out the […]

How to check out the Southern Taurid and Draconid meteor shower this week

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ResERECTION – The Penis Implant: Profiles by VICE

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My children joke that I’m never invited to Parents day you know at school because what am I going to talk about. And they definitely never look at my phone because there’s nothing but pictures of penises all over it. My name is Paul Perito. I’m a urologist in Miami, Florida. We specialize in sexual […]

Hotheads and Hookahs

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KDF-SHF-WF Shower Filter Installation

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Welcome to Water Wisdom sponsored by WaterFilters.NET. I’m your host Aquaman and today we’re installing a shower filter in my shower, in my restroom, in my home. Here we have a very basic and inexpensive shower filter. This filter has KDF media. KDF stands for kinetic degredation fluxion. It’s a very high purity copper/zinc alloy. […]

Does Taylor Swift Wash Her Legs in the Shower?

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We’re back with Taylor Swift, who was just telling me about washing her legs in the shower. I couldn’t hear you. Did you say you do wash them, or you don’t? I do. Because when you shave your legs, the shaving cream is like soap. Right? Yeah. It is. That is. I think that’s the […]