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Lets start a Play with masking tap in watercolor, highlight is impotent. we can use Masking tap for get remain highlight part. this is an experiment, i think the result is positive, just wait for that there is a chance for good result, otherwise it will we lost.. Don’t worry.. we proceeding… I tested this […]

(ENG/SPA/IND) Winner Kim Jin Woo, a Fun Talker as Handsome as He Is | Life Bar | Mix Clip

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There are people who gain confidence after they drink Jinwoo, are you like that, too? This applies to me as well You seem more like the manly type (He really is) – Unlike his looks, he’s really manly – That’s right But now he’s an idol, so he has to meet the fans’ standards (That’s […]

The Bold Type Season 4, Episode 6 | Jane Worries About Her Vagina Facial | Freeform

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Hi, uh, Dr. Gerard. Thank you for calling me back. Sure. What’s going on? I need some advice. Again. Um, I went to the spa today. Uh-huh. And I decided to get a vagina facial. And something doesn’t feel right. I know that having BRCA makes you more prone to get cervical cancer. So— Jane. […]

마스크 만들기 – 5분 꿀팁! 이것 하나로 일회용 마스크 만드는법 – 재봉틀, 바느질 필요 없어요~~마스크필터원단 (SUB)

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Hello. Honey housewife full of honey tips. Today I am making disposable masks with cleaning cloths and cloths. The news says that static cleaning cloths are also effective. I need more to make a disposable mask. The breadsticks and rubber bands in the house It’s a medical band-aid Band-Aids make it really easy and safe. […]


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hi guys thank you for tuning into another episode of no makeconversations my name is Trelana and if you are a returning subscriber I just want to say thank you so much for tuning in again for another episode if you are new welcome in on the conversation this is a beautiful community and no […]

Jonathan – Lee Mack’s car wash companion? Bob Mortimer’s brewing buddy? Debbie McGee’s magic mate?

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Please welcome this week’s special guest, Jonathan. APPLAUSE So, Debbie, what is Jonathan to you? Well, this is Jonathan and when he was a baby, I used to pull him out of a top hat. Bob, how do you know Jonathan? This is my friend Jonathan, and I have brewed three award-winning beers with him. […]

How To Wash Your Hair Correctly and Stop Hair Fall

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Welcome back guys and if you are new here my name is Vy! After uploading my 20 hair hacks video I have gotten a plethora of comments from you guys asking me to make a hair care routine video. So your wish is my command. Here are ten tips on how to wash your hair […]

Compost Heated Shower

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Let me show you something really unusual. Here’s a compost heap, with heat, that we’re using to heat water for showers. This is free– Goin’ for a shower. Oh, go right ahead. This is pyrolysis, this is the heat of the organisms in the heap, heating the hot water in the plastic pipe, the irrigation […]

How to Use the Spring Loaded Tap Guide – Tormach CNC

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Hello, I’m Mike Corliss with Tormach. And I’m going to show you today how to use our spring loaded tap guide. Her’s the spring loaded tap guide. It chucks up in a half inch holder. I have an ER holder with a half inch collar on it, I’m going to chuck it up in. Put […]

TAP: So many bloopers Vol 3

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Finny: What do you listening to Bard? I don’t hear any music. Bard: It’s the soundtrack of my life, Finny. Cinement: Oh boo-hoo, poor- Sorry, I was making a face. Fine. Sporadic: Forgot to do up my fly. Sporadic: Oh no, she’s broken. Oh, change the battery pack. Bard: *Bard Noise* Cinement: You’re probably making […]