Do You Really Need To Wash Your Jeans?

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Ep. 17 – SAILING to the BVI’s & HOW WE SHOWER ONBOARD – How Not To Sail A Boat

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Our last episode was the week of exploration: taking motorbikes to beautiful waterfalls, walking to viewpoints overlooking the city of Samana in the Dominican Republic and rowing to caves in the National Park hidden away between the rocks, on private beaches and deep in the mangroves. But the time has come to leave the Dominican […]

MY BABY SHOWER! – Hogwarts Theme

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[FIRST GAME: Applying diapers using toilet tissues] Yes with Vijay. Vijay! Vijay! And Madit How can be the object with e wearing skirts like this? Are you crazy? Well you can switch your mates / I see What’s wrong with this noisy ’emak-emak’ (Indonesian: mothers)? Tony please watch the time for this game. It’s only […]

How to Tap Dance : How to Do a Shuffle Step in Tap Dancing

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Okay now that you have learned to do a brush and a strike there’s a most basic move and tap dancing that comes in nearly every combination you’ll ever learn and it’s called a shuffle. What it is is a combination of a brush followed by a strike that looks like this. You’ll brush and […]

Zombieland: Double Tap AUDIO INTERVIEW w/ Zombie Maker Tony Gardner

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Absorbent Microfiber Facial Towels for Baby Adult

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12 DIY Baking Soda Remedies for Blackheads

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Twelve DIY baking soda remedies for blackheads Many people know baking soda sodium bicarbonate has a number of health Household and beauty benefits, but did you know that baking soda also works well in treating blackheads Baking sodas mild abrasive properties helps to clean the skin and remove blackheads Blackheads are typically black or yellow […]

(eng/spa) 180730 red velvet cut in osaka

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i fall asleep as i hear the morning come did you spend the day, so easily forgetting me? how can you be okay, so easily? you were always unchaning but i can’t believe that you left, it was so hard we’re going to forget about each other slowly saying i love you will be useless […]

ASMR PO POLSKU – Kotlet Schabowy z Indyka + Ziemniaki + Mizeria

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Today I got a turkey schnitzel with potatoes and Mizeria, a Polish cucumber salad. I am psyched to eat this food from my mom. Super nice. Let’s do it! Let’s try the potatoes first. They taste good. Mizeria. I love it with schnitzel. Let’s cut it into pieces. And the turkey schnitzel is my favorite […]

DIY – pallet bathroom storage

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