5 Cool Baby Gadgets 2019 Every Parent Should Have

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sometimes a little nudge is all it takes to go from downtime to get a bingo time introducing forfeited the activity tracker that helps kids get moving ace was designed to keep up with kids no matter where their day takes kids set their own activity goals then watch their step count get higher and […]

Mainan Anak Bayi Boneka Lucu Mandi Baby Toy Baby Doll BathTime with Duck ❤ Baby Drinking Milk Bottle

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Like this, mom! try he is wearing, mom! Mom, Niala is not bathing yet ?, Baby Yes Give soap He want to drink milk ? Baby sleeping Darling… , Dear…. On Eyes Finish! [Clean-up Sound] Well done! Sister Cindy!! / Yes ?! / Sister Cindy Alifia later will buy wheel bag first Ini adek-adekan namanya […]

Will BabyDam Work in Your Tub?

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Hi everybody, I’m Troy with Tyke and Company We’re the US distributor for the BabyDam bathtub divider. So you’ve discovered it, and you know you want one because it’s just about the coolest product out there. So let’s make sure it’s going to work in your bathtub. We’ve got a simple three step test here. […]

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather #1

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hi everybody today we’re taking a look at the summer infant folding bath chair right now I have my five and a half month old daughter in here she is close to the weight limit which is 20 pounds let’s go ahead and check out the features looking at the bath chair you can see […]

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather #2

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hi everyone this is an update to the summer infant deluxe on bath chair someone asked about how to remove the cover and how to put it back on which I didn’t show up my previous video what I also didn’t show because i never do it is collapsing it all the way down into […]

How to Install a Bathtub…Acrylic Kohler Archer (Step-by-Step)

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It’s a little awkward sitting in this tub like this, but it’s rock solid. And today we’re going to show you how to install bathtub, make it rock solid, and get your DIY bathroom remodel off on the right foot. Let’s dive into the video right now. We now have all the subfloor, all the […]

Bathtub Replacement | How to Install a Bathtub | The Home Depot

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Before removing the tub, shut off the water supply. If your bathroom doesn’t have a separate cutoff valve, you’ll need to turn off the water to the entire house. Open a valve at a lower level in your home to relieve any remaining pressure in the lines. Tub drains will have different components that first […]

How to Give your Baby a Swaddle Bath

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Speaker: I’d like to demonstrate today a Swaddle bath with Haven Williams my little friend that’s going to get in to the tiny tub today. The tiny tub is a small bath tub that has a little temperature to strip on the side that allows the parents, and the caregivers to really look at the […]

How to Give Your Baby a Bath | CloudMom

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Hi everybody, welcome back. Once your baby’s umbilical cord has fallen out, you can bath your baby in water. And what you’re going to want to do is buy a tub like this, an infant tub. This makes bathing your baby very, very easy. And you can find these tubs relatively inexpensively. So look into […]

Child drowns in bathtub

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((MEACHUM))IN MILLER COUNTY, ARKANSAS,DEPUTIES ARE INVESTIGATING THE DEATH OF A ONE-YEAR-OLD GIRL.THE INCIDENT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT AROUND 7:30 ON COUNTY ROAD FOURTY JUST SOUTH OF FOUKE.OFFICIALS SAY THE INFANT DROWNED IN A BATHTUB. 3 (Sgt. Jessie Grigsby)”Miller County deputies were dispatched to a possible drowning involving the infant child. At that point, the patrol deputies […]