EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS FOR NEWBORN BABY: My Must Have Baby Products | Ysis Lorenna

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today I’m going to be talking about my naught to three months essential products for Isabella I’ve done a video on my newborn essentials when James was a baby and some of the products are the same but I find that when I know better now and I know more so I used products that […]

Baby Dove | Gentle for Newborn’s First Bath | Tip to Toe Wash & Lotion

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Mommy doesn’t know what she’s doing here. This is Sage’s first bath. Whether you do it by the book, or make it up along the way, whether you need a little help, Gotta help me out, babe. I don’t know what to do. (laughs) I don’t either. Or just like flying solo, whether it goes […]

Inflatable Baby Bathtub Review

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all right we are live and we are outside right now and for you we wanted to in this video review the Sesame Street infant baby bathtub this is actually our first test of it let me show you if I could switch the camera right now we have it right here that’s our Sun […]

Bumbo Baby Seat

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Bumbo Baby Seat available from www.babystuffwarehouse.com

Myco Adjustable Width Bath Board Review

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If you’re unable to sit down comfortably in the bath the Myco bath board creates a higher platform to wash yourself over the bath Some simple assembly is required and the board is adjustable in width to suit your bath There are holes for water drainage and a supportive handle for you to hold to […]

What Lies Beneath (7/8) Movie CLIP – Drowning in the Bathtub (2000) HD

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[ grunting ] [ grunts ] [ grunting continues ] [ gasping ] [ whimpering ] [ water draining ] [ gasping ]

What Would Happen to Your Body if You Lived in the Bathtub?

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Nothing’s more relaxing than a long soak in warm water following a tough day at the office. Foam up some bubble bath, select a favorite playlist, and simply let the hot water massage away all those fears and woes. But what would happen if we simply stayed put right there in the bathtub and didn’t […]

Strange Baby Bath Time Float!

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(light music) – Jared’s in his office working, I am awake, the whole house is quiet and dark, that’s very rare. But I think Tommy just woke up. Calvin, he just went to the bathroom. Where’s your pants? Calvin, gotta be real quiet, shh! We don’t wanna wake Dwayne Jackson up. Oh, did you accidentally […]

Behind the Scenes: Baby’s first bath

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Welcome to another edition of Behind the Scenes. Today we’re showing you a baby’s first bath. North York General Hospital’s baby unit delivers more than 6,000 babies a year. First the baby’s face is washed, just with water starting with the eyes. Use the corners of a cloth to clean the eyes from the inside […]

When will my baby get a bath? – Reston Hospital Center

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(light music) – Typically we do the bath closer to 24 hours after birth, given that the temperatures are stable. We do offer the baths either in the room or in the nursery, so make sure you’re communicating with your nurse on which one you would prefer.