ADL Spa Wheelchair Accessible Bathtub by Aquassure Accessible Baths

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My name is Matthew Longman. I am the President of Aquassure Accessible Baths. About seven years ago, I came up with the concept of a universal design bathtub that people of all abilities are able to get in and out of thus maintaining their freedom in their own home. I am a quadriplegic, which means […]

Baby Bath Thermometer Review TempIR

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I ordered the TempIR Infrared Thermometer and I am so delighted, easy to use and non contact which is fantastic for a wriggling baby or a poor little teenage daughter who is not well. All you do is pick up the thermometer, point and push the button and within seconds you have your reading. Its […]

How To Give First Bath To New Born Baby?|First Baby Wash|Unpack N Repack Baby|

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video is for common home ,so you can follow it easily

Summer Baby Car Seat Hacks

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hi everybody i’m here with three hacks on how to keep your baby cool in the car seat my first hack is getting one of these little spray bottles for baby it’s really hard for infants to regulate their their temperature so when they get hot they’re going to stay hot what I like to […]

Our coolest project so far!! We built a Plywood Bathtub!! 😱😍LTP #069

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So, this week we are gonna start building I think that probably the biggest challenge so far. I’m pretty sure it’s the biggest challenge so far the building of our shipping container house. So basically we are gonna get… I don’t know if you can see it but there is a shelf on the back […]

12 See Through Bathtubs

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Innovation and design has brought us to the land of bathtubs with transparent walls. On this episode we take a look at 12 clear bathtubs. Number 12, this 1 sided glass walled tub from Teuco, features a curved clear wall with metal trim. This whirlpool tub comes in both a wall and corner type depending […]

BABY BATH TIME – Two Month Old Daughter Baby Video

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This is my daughter when she was only 2 months old. My little baby loves her bath time! This little baby is now a 2 year old toddler. And she absolutely loves baths and playing with water! Look who’s all clean!


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good morning can you say hi to everyone I just fed him and changed him and I put on this little sleeper this is the first time he’s been in like a footed sleeper and he looks so much bigger to me but this is from left baby these are one of my favorite sleepers […]

Rifton Activity Chair Inservice Video 3 | Seat Height Adjustments

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(Caption: Seat Height Adjustment. R850 Hi/Lo Base) Sam Durgin: I’m going to show you the height adjustment we provided on the hi/lo base. We have a hydraulic jack, mounted underneath the seat, which gives you excellent mechanical advantage for raising and lowering the child. To lower the child, I am lifting, brushing past the red […]

DIY Bathtub Worm Bin / Vermicomposting System!

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Hey there how’s it going everybody it’s Dan from Today I’m going to be doing another DIY project. I went ahead and picked up this 350lbs. cast iron bath tub with plans to convert it into a vermicomposting system, and I’m happy to report the project is now complete. I’m very happy with the […]