How To Use a Bath Board and Seat (HD)

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If you have difficulty getting down into the bath, a bath board and seat will enable you to use the bath more safely. If you prefer to shower, a bath board can be used on its own. In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to use these pieces of equipment. Position yourself in line […]

NRS Swivel Bather Review

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If you find it difficult to get into your bath or sit comfortably in it, this bather seat may help. Designed to help you wash over the bath without having to bend and strain, the seat is easy to assemble and the frame adjusts in width to fit your bath. Simply position across the bath […]


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What’s up my Guava Juicers!!! 😀 Today, we’re going to fill my bathtub with gooey, black, slime. It’s gonna be this gooey, kinda transparent but not really looking slime; It’s gonna be pretty cool. So first things first you’re going to fill your bathtub with water which I did. Next up is probably going to […]

Chucky Electrocutes Tiffany In The Bathtub | Bride Of Chucky

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You woo!, I’m home. If you can’t play nice, I may just have to take your toys away! I Have a surprise for you. I’ve been thinking about what you said about wanting to get married Yeah? I think it would do you good to “Settle down” Babe! This is great you won’t regret it, […]

How to Bathe a Baby : Fun Tips for Baby Bath Time

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Hi, I’m Liz Hood on behalf of Expert Village and I am going over how to give your baby a bath. In this segment I am going over how to keep your baby comfortable in the bath tub. Now, one thing that you can do is to make absolute sure that the location that you […]

How to Dry a Baby after a Bath | Infant Care

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So your baby’s just come from their bath, and they are sometimes cold and wet, so you want to dry them as quickly but as comfortably as possible. You would keep as much surface as you can covered, and then make sure each of the areas is dry. So you would dry behind their ears, […]

Style Game Baby Bath – Baby Care Tornie – How To Bath And Care for Baby Tornie – 2017

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Take good care of your baby

WOW! All monkeys in AMBER group have a bath|So pity babies will be drown mom do this|Monkey Daily529

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How to Bathe, Change & Feed a Baby : Bath Supplies for a Newborn Baby

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Hi this is Vanessa and Andrew on behalf of Expert These are the supplies that you will need to bathe your baby. First you need a dirty baby. Then you will need a bathtub and there are many different kinds of bathtubs to choose from. If you are going to bathe the baby on […]

DIY Baby Bath Sponge Holder Dryer Dollar Tree Craft

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baby bath sponge holder diy dryer drying homemade easy way to hang dry baby infant bath sponge hi it’s AlaskaGranny a must-have for your new baby is a baby bath sponge to help you bathe your baby without them slip sliding around but what do you do with your big wet baby bath sponge after […]