Mermaid Baby Bath ! Child Care Game ! Game For Kids ! Funny Game !

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Good morning! 😄😄😄 How are you today? Please comment to me. I will spend time this morning to bathe herbs for this boy. He needs more baths to completely remove bacteria. ✌️✌️✌️ I will give him a bath for about 15 minutes to have enough time for the herb to absorb and kill the best […]

Home Maintenance & Repair Tips : How to Re-Caulk a Bathtub

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Hi I’m Tim Gipson and I’m going to show you how to recaulk your tub. Now if the caulking along the edge here is in pretty bad shape you can get a caulking removal tool at your hardware store or local home improvement store and what this allows you to do is just scrape out […]

How to Make Matty Matheson’s Bathtub Cheeto Mac ‘n’ Cheese

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You need, you need a salad with this one. Hey, what’s up guys, I’m Matty Matheson. We’re here in the most beautiful city in the world, Toronto. We’re gonna do something that you’ve seen before on “Keep It Canada”, my amazing famous show on YouTube and Munchies, macaroni with Cheetos on top. Like this is […]


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-Hey everyone and welcome back to Twin Hacks on BabyLeague. Scrub-a-dub-dub, get those babies in the tub. Whether you have one kid or three, bath time can be stressful, so we came up with some hacks to help make bath time squeaky clean. Hack number one: Be prepared. Lay out pajamas, diapers, lotions, and whatever […]

How to Calm a Crying Baby

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How to Calm a Crying Baby. There’s nothing more heart-wrenching—and, let’s face it, sometimes nerve-wracking—than a wailing infant. Here are a few ways to soothe your sweet little crybaby. You will need A crying baby As much patience as you can muster A bottle for the baby (optional) (optional) A pacifier (optional) (optional) Music or […]

Little Baby Bum | FunABCs and 123s | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Songs for Kids

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– [Girl] Little baby bum. (“Down by the Bay”) ♫ Down by the bay where the watermelons grow ♫ Back to my home I dare not go ♫ For if I do ♫ My mother will say ♫ Did you ever see an ant climbing a plant down by the bay ♫ Down by the […]

How To Use a Bath Step (HD)

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If the height of your bath makes it too difficult to climb over, a bath step may help. This can also be used in combination with a bath board and seat. In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to use this piece of equipment. Firstly, position the step securely opposite the grab rail. Lift […]


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(fast paced drumming) – [Jeremy] You guys made a mountain of pancakes. – Well it’s time for Janae to get a bath. (happy music) – Laura, are we gonna share? Oopsie daisy. – We love them. More water. (upbeat music) (blowing raspberries) – [Jeremy] These are my capable helpers for breakfast. – Can we have […]

Baby Bath Song | Bath Time | Bob The Train Cartoon | Kids TV Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs

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“Hey kids! It’s bath time.” Let’s take a bath. But I’ll get, all wet And you’ll get all cleaned. But I took a bath just yesterday. You need to take a bath everyday. A bath will clean you just like new Scrub scrub scrub that’s what you do A bath will clean you just like […]