Baby Alive Goes CRAZY & Won’t Go To Sleep in the New Nursery Crib Furniture Set DisneyCarToys

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Hi everyone I am Sandra with the DisneyCarToys channel and I am here with my crazy Baby Alive Lucy and today we are going to try and get her to go to bed in our very own nursery set right here behind me and Lucy are you ready to go to bed? I don’t want […]

How To Wash Your Toddler’s Hair | Toddler Care | Mothercare

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Toddlers normally love their bathtime at the end of the day, but with regards to hair washing – that can be ANOTHER matter. So what I am going to do today, is take you through some tips and advice that will help with that process. And hopefully make that little bit easier. Start by giving […]

Rock N Play Recall

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rock n play recall fisher price mattel rock n play baby bed sleeper swing bassinet recall hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you have a Rock N Play sleeper swing bed bassinet for your baby you need to know that they have been recalled there have been thirty infant fatalities from infants that rolled over from their […]


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Go go uhh noo I am taping up the jets? There was some mold in there last time we’re taking the precaution ok one more try, without a camera careful with my balls oh oh god this is my first time in a bathtub with clothes on a long time what if you’re my guys […]


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*[blood_cancer.exe]* u leff [struggling] u LOSE The rule is simple Get with the times! How many of these are you gonna make Felix huh how many of these more are you gonna possibly make As many as I goddamn please. Let’s get this party started Let’s get this party started Ear Rape 2.0 A Classic […]

Here Comes Baby – Bathing your baby

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My name is Cindy. I’m a public health nurse and I’m joined today by Mathieu and baby Jacob. They’re going to help us demonstrate how to properly do a baby bath. The first thing you want to do is make sure you have everything you need. You never want to leave your baby alone even […]

Baby Monkey | Doo Takes A Bath In An Inflatable Swimming Pool With His Brother

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Hello, our dear friends It’s summer now and the weather is very hot So Mom lets Tom and Doo take a bath in the inflatable swimming pool Tom loves taking bath in this pool but Doo is quite afraid So Doo clings to his brother, Tom and he hugs Tom tightly Although Mom knows he’s […]

How to Make Herbal Tub Teas | Sophie’s World

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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world today I have a very relaxing craft for you it’s part craft part spa it is a herbal tub tea and what you do is you take this fabulous little sack and you put it on your faucet and you let the warm water you don’t have […]

Popular Baby Trends for 2018

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Hey I’m Jacqueline Muir and we are here at The Baby Cubby at our retail store in American Fork and I am here to show you today the new fun products trending that are going into 2018. The first product that we want to bring out is anything with headware for babies. Bonnets they’ve been […]

Superhero Baby CUT OPEN SQUISHY TOYS – Paw Patrol Marshall, Disney Toys, Bathtub Fun

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Hi Everyone…look who we have with us today. We have Baby Owlette…Baby Catboy…and Baby Gekko. It’s the PJ Masks Babies! and they are all ready for bathtime with their favorite squishy toys. Have you ever wondered what’s inside all these squishy toys? Like Owlette’s squishy light bulb toy….or Catboy’s awesome blue toy that turns purple […]