Postpartum 101: Going to the Bathroom After Baby | CloudMom

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Hi everyone Melissa here from doing my third vlog this week in my series on postpartum mommy care. And today, we’re talking about something that most of us, me included, are too embarrassed to talk about it and we’re too embarrassed to talk about when we went through the first time and that is […]

Bath Song | +More Nursery Rhymes Baby & Kids Songs – Banana Cartoon 3D Nursery Rhyme [HD]

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My teddy bear My teddy bear has two eyes Two eyes…two eyes My teddy bear has two eyes I love my teddy bear My teddy bear has one nose One nose…one nose My teddy bear has one nose I love my teddy bear My teddy bear has two ears Two ears…two ears My teddy bear […]


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(music) The design of the Puj Tub came from a personal need. I’m a mother and bathing my baby was difficult I felt like this should be a bonding experience for us It’s such a simple bath tub It makes bath time easy for me and my child feels safe and secure and they’re happy. […]

Yobio Crianza con Apego – Bañador Pop In Close Parent

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hi there we want to take a few minutes to quickly show you what makes the pop into am lucky so reliable the nappy is made of our special 3 ply laminate which is softer and more flexible than traditional neoprene outside there is a stain resistant jersey and inside we have a fast wicking […]

6 Most Unbelievable Bathtubs

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Rub-a-dub-dub. We’ve found some unbelievable tubs. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooood Mythical Morning! – Before we get started… …Mythical Beasts, we wanna let you know about something very special. And that is that we have just launched a brand new product! It is Rhett & Link’s Mythical Pomade. Yes! – […]

Baby Safety Tips – Activity Seats | Parents

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Hi, I’m Hallie Sheflin from American Baby Magazine and I’m here to share some activities seat safety tips. In activity seat is for a baby 4 months and older. Basically, it’s for babies who can hold their heads up well when they sit because there is no head support. The toys keep baby happily occupied […]

How to Inflate, Deflate, and Fold the Baby Spring Float

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[MUSIC PLAYING] America’s number one baby float is perfect for your little water lover. SwimWays Baby Spring Float is totally unique, with a patented twistable design that folds and stores easily. Here’s how to get started. Let’s start with inflation. Our Baby Spring Float has two child safety valves for extra security. Pinch the base […]

DIY Plywood Bathtub 🛁 Part 4 LTP #072

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Welcome to the final episode of our bathtub. Yeah, this week we’re gonna show you how we built from scratch this plywood and epoxy the resin bathtub. Yeah. So, let’s get started. I’m Duca. And I’m Roberta. And together we are building our own tiny shipping container house. So, don’t forget to subscribe. And to […]

Dateline 2019 48 Hours Mystery | The Bathtub Mystery | July 08,2019 (Unsolved)

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“Dateline: Secrets Uncovered.” – What goes on behind the closed doors of a marriage is not always apparent to the outside. – Something wasn’t right. She was just unconscious. – A beaming bride, a haunting death. – He was telling me he could never, ever love another woman as much as he loved her. – […]

Newborn Baby Bath Time! New Parents Day In The Life Vlog! (2018)

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Good morning everybody so I’m about to give River a little bath Brian and I are trying to get ready to head out to go to a chiropractor appointment for him I Can’t see the chiropractor until I’m six weeks postpartum Three weeks now so three more weeks and I cannot wait cuz my back […]