Time to take a bath and taking care baby monkey Sunny everyday

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Hello friends Wish you health success Today I share with you video bathing and caring for monkeys warm water we prepared 2 buckets of water after a bath will move to No. 2 After bathing, dry the baby towel My son is very interested in monkeys Very very young son too should act and not […]

Newborn Baby Bath Temperature

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in this video I will explain the ideal newborn baby bath temperature as well as how to test the water stay tuned hi I’m Dan and welcome to parent pacifier on this channel we help new or soon-to-be parents with product reviews stories tips and how-to videos just like this one so if you’re new […]

New compact urban stroller Stokke® Beat™: First-class seat

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Zwei Sitzrichtungen Ein Maximum an Sicherheit und Komfort

Gummy vs Real Challenge: LIVE ANIMAL edition!

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Ah! This is the Gummy Food versus Real Food Challenge, Alive Edition– Isn’t he cute? –where one player gets to enjoy the candy version of a food, while their partner has to handle the real living creature. We have a trained animal wrangler, Brian Barczyk, on set and ready to go, so let’s see what […]

Bathtub Foot Lok Stop Drain Review and How to Remove Assembly

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Hello youtubers today we’re going to be doing a review on the foot lok stop drain assembly it’s with a chrome finish that they sell at the local Lowe’s store After removing it from the package here’s the product that comes with it, of course you have the top and stopper that screws down in […]

How to Remove Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers

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How to Remove Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers. Harvest gold sunflowers and avocado green leaves are kitsch, but who wants them on the bottom of their bathtub? Get rid of those unsightly stickers and bring your tub into the 21st century. You will need Rags White vinegar A wooden or plastic scraper Mineral oil and liquid dish […]

RUTINA DE BAÑO de mi Muñeca BABY ALIVE ► 👶 – Bebés de Juguetes

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good morning nice world finally arrived the big day good morning Baby Alive. uy but if you’re awake! If I was so keen on that come today Have you slept hugging your doll? Yes!! To have a baby, my mother, Lola, honey, you have to comb those hairs, huh! we are going to stick a […]

Educational & Safe Baby Toys : Bath Time Baby Toys

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Hi, this is Daniella Buettner with the Right Start in Sherman Oaks on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we’ll be talking about bath toys. Why should play be just for outside the bath? We have many great items for the bath that will encourage the love of having a bath or a shower. […]

Bathing Your Baby – Boys Town Pediatrics

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Before the umbilical cord falls off or if it’s a boy, before his circumcision is completely healed, it’s a good idea to just do sponge baths. So, not actually submerging the bay in any water but just getting a warm wash cloth or sponges. It doesn’t always have to involve soap and if you want […]

We’re Having a Baby? | Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking

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okay kid I know how to babysit you but I’m gonna tell you a little story instead who is that a girl or a boy uh it’s a girl Wow yeah well I was right what does it do in about two or three weeks oh that’s so soon Congrats oh my god what are […]