Hansgrohe Technical Tip: How to descale a hand shower

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Technical Tip: How to descale a hand shower Should the hand shower be scaled after a long period of use or due to water hardness, it needs to be descaled. Proceed like this: Remove the hand shower from the hose, fill some descaler in a flat bowl put in the hand shower up to the […]

Wet And Forget Shower Spray – No More Scrubbing!

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From soap scum to shower grime it’s a never-ending battle to keep this happening place a clean place. But now you can keep it clean as a whistle with one weekly application of Wet and Forget Shower. Spray your shower from top to bottom with Wet and Forget Shower and the next day simply rinse […]

Hannah’s Dare – Talking to Strangers – Disabled Dolphin | Marco Island Part One

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Shane: (Australian Accent) About three or four crocs down there. S: They’re mothers. About to have their babies. S: It’s that time of year around here. S: Getting ready to have babies. Hannah: You mean hatch their eggs? S: Hatch their eggs… their baby eggs S: About to have eggs. S: Heyyyyyyyy H: Welcome to […]

Happy Background Music – Upbeat Cheerful Uplifting Music to read Hamlet (in caps)

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THE TRAGEDY OF HAMLET, PRINCE OF DENMARK ACT I SCENE I. Elsinore. A platform before the Castle. Enter Francisco and Barnardo, two sentinels. BARNARDO. Who’s there? FRANCISCO. Nay, answer me. Stand and unfold yourself. BARNARDO. Long live the King! FRANCISCO. Barnardo? BARNARDO. He. FRANCISCO. You come most carefully upon your hour. BARNARDO. ’Tis now struck […]

Bathing my newborn baby arshan (first time mom here )

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ñFirst time mom bathing his newborn baby👶

Planting & Growing Flower Bulbs : How to Plant Gladiolus

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Hi, I’m Jessica Smith, and I work for Blands Nursery in West Jordan, Utah, and today we’re talking about how to plant flower bulbs. Right now we’re going to discuss gladiolus. Gladiolus are one of the easiest bulbs that you can plant and enjoy throughout the summer. The thing with gladiola bulbs are, there’s a […]

How to preserve your garden greenery with glycerine

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Have you ever thought about preserving your garden greenery with glycerine so you can use it later on in the year in your flower arrangements? My name is Julie Davies from Julie Davies flower workshops and #FlowerStart the online flower arranging classes. I’ve cut some greenery from my garden which I think is going to […]

How to Watch a Meteor Shower

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How to Watch a Meteor Shower. When a comet orbits the sun, it sheds a stream of debris. Meteor showers are caused when the Earth travels through the stream left behind by the comets, and the debris burns up in the atmosphere. Here’s how to watch one. You will need Chairs Blankets Bug spray Food […]

How to Make a Hot Water Shower While Camping

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How to Make a Hot Water Shower while Camping. One of the greatest pleasures of returning home from a camping trip is taking a hot shower. So, why wait? Build a shower to take on your camping trip. You will need Compressed-air sprayer Rubber tubing Rubber bands or duct tape Plastic bags Sunny location Rope […]

How to Install a Toilet…American Standard’s One-Piece Cadet 3 (Step-by-Step)

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In a small bathroom, sometimes it’s really helpful to have a one-piece toilet. So today we’re going to share with you how to install an American Standard one-piece toilet. It’s super simple and straightforward. You can definitely do this yourself. And we’re going to give you a lot of great tips along the way. Okay, […]