Tiago Acosta – Bathtub (Official Audio)

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I feel the gravity pushing my shoes on top of you I’m blacking out balls in the dirt that is under let’s just living the truth and reaching macros monetarist I believe [Music] see you deserve [Music] meet the real for sure Meeta [Music] you take a breath wash your body is done I smell […]

How to Clean a Ring from Your Bathtub

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How to Clean a Ring from Your Bathtub. Save hand-washing houseguests the horror of having to stare at a line of dirt and dead skin ringing the bathtub. You will need Rubber gloves Clean, dry cloths Abrasive bathroom cleaner or baking soda A scrub brush with plastic bristles A spray bottle and a bottle of […]

Bathtub Stopper & Drain Installation – Universal NuFit

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This video demonstrates how to easily update your Bathtub Stopper and drain, without having to actually [edit] Remove the old [edit] Bathtub Drain Repair almost any Bathtub Drain in minutes with a Universal NuFit. The outside diameter of your strainer body flange width needs to be two and seven eighths inches or less. Remove all […]

태어나서 처음하는 목욕 중 한국말 터진 고양이 이즈

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Mr. Butler: Let’s take a bath. Mr. Butler: Come on. Let’s go and take a bath. Mr. Butler: Come on. [Setting up the bait to lure Iz] [Yes! I’ve gotcha!] [Iz has reached the final stage] Iz: Something feels off… Mr. Butler: What’s up? Iz~ Mr. Butler: Iz? [Despite it all, there’s no resisting a […]

Newborn Care: Baby Bath Time Tips

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[MUSIC PLAYING] We found bath time a little difficult at first. Trying figure out how to keep him secure with one hand, cleaning him with the other, and all the while keeping him warm, but not too warm. It took a bit of figuring out, but eventually we did, and I look forward to this […]

Suntory Time! – Lost in Translation (1/10) Movie CLIP (2003) HD

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Suntory whiskey. [ Continues In Japanese ] Casablanca. Bogie.[ Continues In Japanese ] Suntory time.Um, he want you to turn, look in camera. Okay? That’s all he said? Yes. Turn to camera. All right, does he want me to– to… turn from the right, or… turn from the left? Passionate. Camera. Passion. Right side, and, […]

How to Clean Poop in the Tub – Video

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CLAY: Ask parents what the worst thing about parenting young kids is and nine out of ten will say poop in the tub. BRAD: The one in ten says Wiggles, but poop in the tub is bad. CLAY: It happens. Eighteen month old kid gets in the tub. Diaper’s off, it’s warm, it’s relaxing. Before […]

Baby’s Bathtime | Giving Baby A Bath!

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hey friends pay close attention there’s a way for you to win a special gift from sprinkles and bubbles it’s bath time for baby babies excited for her bath let’s put this unicorn bath fizz in your bath today wow look at all the bubbles huh baby Bink is funny so many bubbles and it […]

Vlogmas 17| Newborn Bathe Routine | Taglish

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good morning guys today, we’re going to take a bath, so so On today’s vlogmas guys, I’m going to show you how I give my baby a sponge bath So I will start with a wet cotton ball Wiping his eyes his whole face and his neck Just a plain cotton ball that is wet […]

Gary on the Street: Water Safety

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This is Gary On The Street, in a pool, and we’re asking parents what’s their kids favorite thing to do in the water jumping in the pool splashing gymnastic tricks canonballs is going underneath the water to see how long he can hold his breath do you ever worry about your kids around water? all […]