Infant & Toddler Parenting Advice : How to Care for an Infant After a Bath

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Hi, I’m Veronica Baragas with and I’m going to share with you how to care for an infant after a bath. First I would start out with laying out your few supplies which would be a nice fluffy towel, some baby lotion, a soft bristle brush, and just kind of laying it all out […]

U-BOOT aus unserer BADEWANNE! #1 | Amphibienbadewanne DIY

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Our bathtub is already able to swim and race downhill Now we are transforming it into a submarine – so we need a second bathtub The hull is finished, the cover is still missing Now we are testing how much weight we need to pull it under water So it is leakproof but it still […]

Sleeping in a Bathtub

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but rumor and tonight only have the one bed there was a little bit of a mix-up when scheduling this place [Music] [Music] are you on a spinning stool today we are packing up and leaving this hotel the georgian house as we are going to another hotel which is where summer in the city […]

Newborn Care: Sponge Bath for Baby

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Unless they spit up on themselves, my newborns didn’t get very dirty. I would keep their diaper area clean and wash their hands and face several times a day. But I didn’t need to bathe them more than two or three times a week. A sponge bath usually did the trick. I used […]

Baby Care Tips: After Baby’s Bath

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Once they were good and dry, I’d put on a fresh diaper and get them ready for bed. After three kids, you realize just how delicate a baby’s skin is. Keeping it dry helps to protect it. So it was always important for me to pick the right diaper. A good night of […]


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Baby Doll

Sesame Street: Baby Bear’s Bath Song

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BABY BEAR: Ah, yes! This is the good life! oh! Ha! Hi. Oh boy, do I love my tub. Yeah, I love getting nice and clean, and playing in the bubbles. [LAUGHS] But best of all, I love knowing that this is one place that I won’t run into that Goldilocks, and she won’t be […]

Monsters Song For Children | “No Monsters Who Live In Our Home!” | Nursery Rhymes by LittleBabyBum!

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Hey You! ….Boo! Did you hear that sound? Is it a monster that I’ve found? There are no monsters who live in our home There’s only me – and my family Who live in our home ‘cos, there are no monsters that live here! Hey You! ….Boo! Did you hear that sound? Is it a […]

três pequenos gatinhos | canções para crianças | canções crianças | Three Little Kittens Song

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Three Little Kittens Song…

Baby and Colour Bath, Toddlers Learn Colors with Finger Family Colours Nursery For Little Babies

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Ready to give the baby a bath with rice? Yeah, Yeah! Green finger, green finger, where are you. Here I am, here I am, how do you do? Green! Blue finger, blue finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am, how do you do? Red color, red color, where are you? Here I […]