Using a swivel bather

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A swivel bather and bath board are used to make getting in and out of the bath a bit easier These pieces of equipment can be used in a bath or a shower over a bath We recommend that a shower stool isn’t used in a bath because they are unstable First we have the […]


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[Music] hey guys today I’m gonna be sharing with you our fall evening nighttime routine and it is full of motivation all around if you guys want to see how we get it all done with two babies and a preschooler in one evening in just a few hours then stick around I have some […]

Напольное кресло Bumbo

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the award-winning bumbo floor seat enables your baby to maintain a sitting position on the floor allowing you to play with ritu and feed your baby the seat is made of soft easy to clean material and features a three-point harness to help keep your baby positioned in their seat the bumbo fuller seat is […]

The Money Minute | Saving Money While You Shower

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Saving money doesn’t have to be a time consuming process, you can easily do it in the morning while you shower. First try showering with colder water. You can also set the temperature control of your water heater to make sure you are saving a little bit on gas every month, these can add up […]

Tips to pick BEST Preschool for your Kid | पहला Nursery स्कूल कैसा होना चाहिए

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Hello friends and welcome on my channel.. in today’s video I am gonna talk about how to select a preschool for your toddler i have compiled some tips and some points which i observed when we were searching a preschool/playschool or nursery school.. at that time what we observed and what we inquired .. all […]

Little Puppy Song | Nursery Rhymes | Original Song By LittleBabyBum!

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Little puppy. Little puppy Your four paws so mucky You’ve left paw prints everywhere From the stairs to the armchair My little puppy makes me laugh Now it’s time for his bath! Little puppy I’ve now seen Your four paws are so clean No paw prints left anywhere You can now lie on your chair […]

We Filled a Pool with Millions of GLOWING Orbeez Spitballs!

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This tiny orb grows over 200 times in water to become an awesome squishy plaything. And it glows in the dark. So we filled up a swimming pool with them and turned out the lights. [MUSIC PLAYING] Whoa! Ha! Yeah! Oh! Whoa! Whoo! Yeah! Whoa! Oh! This is so weird! [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] Whoo! Oh! […]

37 Copper Bathtub Design Ideas

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37 Copper Bathtub Design Ideas

Rarely to see monkeys bathing in AMBER group|Poor babies very cold when stop bathing|Monkey Daily530

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💋💄Fun Pet Baby Care – Cute Kitty & Puppy Care – Bath Time Colors Dress Up – Fun Children Gameplay

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Fun Pet Baby Care Cute Kitty & Puppy Care Bath Time Colors Dress Up Fun Children Gameplay Fun Pet Care Kids Games Kids Game Learn Colors Bath Dress Up Gameplay Fun Children Games Android App For Children Funny game Education how to make up & hairstyles puppy & Kitty care in hair salon Short hairstyles […]