🤔 Linear drains for tile showers explained👍

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okay so in this video I wanna talk a little bit about linear drains they’re becoming very popular and the reason for that is because they open up a whole lot of the possibilities for the use of other types of tile other than mosaic tiles if you’ve got a center Center drain or a […]

Your 10 month old – Baby development – Newborn care.

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Hello everybody! Today we are going to study about Baby development: Your 10-month-old What can my baby do at 10 months? Your baby’s babbles are sounding more like real words. Show interest in what he has to say and he will keep talking. If your baby has been crawling for a while he will probably […]

Upsee Assessment & Prescription

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assessment and prescription before purchasing the up see you must be able to answer yes to three key questions this helps us and you make sure the up see is suitable for your child is your child already in a standing or walking program your child’s participation in a physical therapy standing or walking program […]

Ben Phillips | Shower Tattoo – don’t say bomb on a plane – PRANK!!!

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So today I thought I’d do something a little different This is Elliot’s shower gel – it’s blue. This is concentrated dye. It’s also blue. I thought if I put the dye into Elliot’s shower gel Not noticing anything, when he goes for a shower… He’s gonna pretty much look like a smurf. *whispering* Sorry […]

18 CRAZY Facts About Your Bathroom | Wednesday Checkup

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– You poop, I poop, everybody poops and pees. And that’s why we need public bathrooms. And that’s what we’re talking about on this week’s Wednesday Checkup. Be woop! (upbeat electronic music) I came across an article this week talking about how air dryers in bathrooms are actually a bad invention. But in doing research […]

100 Trending Wall Decor For Bathroom Ideas That People Will Love It

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100 Trending Wall Decor For Bathroom Ideas That People Will Love It

Is Eating An Orange In The Shower The Best Thing Ever?

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(water running) – This feels very intimate. I would think, of all the BuzzFeed videos I’ve done, I’ve never brought you guys inside my shower. (rock music) – I was sitting at the bar the other day, and this girl was telling me that she was very stressed out so she had an orange in […]

HOW WE SHOWER WHILE LIVING IN A VAN | Hello Mexico // a van life series

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hello amigos welcome to a beautiful day right by the beach I’ve got a big sunburn Bec’s got a big sunburn we’re both newbies to the weather to the Sun to the we eat to the beach but that’s not gonna stop it from having a fantastic day I got my buddy up she’s doing […]

Cute Baby In Bath Time – Baby Reaction Awesome

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It’s bath time! Adorable babies will melt your heart and lift your mood. Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe and watch best video!

5 Star Aunty (ENG SUBTITLES) | Malhar Thakar | Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak Full 2018

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“A Vaishnava (Hindu) is one who knows the pain of others” “A Vaishnava (Hindu) is..” “A Vaishnava (Hindu) is the one…” Mom! mom.. Gone, my world cup final is gone. Excuse me sister, There was one mom with me? Your one mom is in toilet. Thank you. Hey sir. – What? Don’t go there. – […]