Special Needs Bathchair: Rifton Wave vs. Otter | Specially Haniya

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Bathtime for special needs kids starts to get more stressful and less relaxing as the kids grow bigger. That’s why I am doing a side-by-side comparison of two popular bathtubs– the Rifton Wave and the Otter. By the end of the video, you’ll feel like bath time can be safe and fun again. Both of […]

Rifton Activity Chair Inservice Video 8 | Pelvic Positioning (b)

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(Caption: Part II Hip Guides, Lap Belt, and Backrest Filler Pad Hip Guides) Sam Durgin: For pelvic positioning laterally, we are using what we call our hip guides. The hip guides, again have white buttons on them. Sam Durgin: With this white button here, I adjust the lateral width of the hip guide, and you’ll […]


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Wassup YouTube today, I’m gonna be doing the hide-and-seek Lego bath before I explain how everything works I just want to say this video is sponsored by Nickelodeon for the release of Warner Brothers new movie the lego Ninjago movie let’s do it so a little bit about the lego ninjago movie it is fun […]

Adding a Bathroom to a Home : Plumbing and Drain Tips for Bathroom Installation

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We are going to talk a little bit about the toilet flange here and this is where your toilet will sit. This is a 3 inch toilet flange and it ties down into our main 3 inch AVS sewer line and again we have that 1/8 inch fall per foot so that the solids from […]

Bathroom Hacks – Hack It: EP52

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This is not going to be the most glamorous episode I know but these hacks may come in very handy for you! When you’re doing a poop, sometimes the water splashes up to your bum. Let me give you an example of what may happen – let’s just pretend this is the toilet bowl. Here […]

RV California | Exploring San Francisco | $20 RV Resort OCEAN VIEW | LivinRVision!

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Alexa stop can you guess where we’re going? Prior to coming to San Francisco, we made reservations at the San Francisco RV Resort, which is an encore property But part of the trails collection within Thousand Trails that cost 199 dollars a year Most of the parks are free except for some that are the […]


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– [Voiceover] Plumberparts.co.uk, Honest Reviews and Advice. – Hold tight, and welcome to today’s Plumberparts.co.uk video. My name’s James. Today, we’re gonna look at the murky, misty, dark world of sealing up shower trays. How to seal ’round tray, and how to seal up. Now luckily we’ve got an old job here where we’re ripping […]

Pranking my CRUSH with ‘Shower’ By Becky G Lyrics!!

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Hey guys! So today I’m going to be pranking my crush AGAIN XD Just because YOU GUYS wanted an update on it And I feel like he’s going to be suspicious THE SECOND I TEXT HIM So yeah let’s just see how this goes 🙂 So thirty minutes passed and I got *a little* impatient […]

Ten Little Funny Babies | Little Baby Bum | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Songs for Kids

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One little, Two little, Three little baby boys Four little, Five little, Six little baby boys Seven little, Eight little, nine little baby boys Ten little baby boys! One little, Two little, Three little baby girls Four little, Five little, Six little baby girls Seven little, Eight little, nine little baby girls Ten little baby […]

Home Staging Tips with Shauna Lynn – Ep 5 – Bathrooms & Showings

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So we’ve talked previously about what updates and repairs you can do in a bathroom, but in today’s episode, we’re going to show you how to get your bathroom show ready for an open house, or private viewing. Let’s start with the most obvious task, removing the clutter from the vanity. It’s easy for this […]