Mum ‘drowned her baby twins in bath after being kicked out of women’s shelter’ – News Live

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 A mum has been accused of drowning her 10-month-old twin boys in a hotel bath tub, it is reported  Heather Langdon, 37, faces murder charges for the deaths of her two sons Mason and Maddox Murguia in Tulare, California, People reports  She was reportedly staying at the motel free of charge after being taken there […]

Bath Song | Nursery Rhymes For Children | Song For Babies | Video For Toddlers

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Bath song

🕺Turning Our Shower Into a Night Club – Man Vs House

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What’s going on everybody, you are watching yourself another episode of man vs House, the show where we take you along on the episodic journey of a lifetime of us building, designing, Decorating, doing all the things, it never ends. We are currently in the decorating phase of things, which is appropriate for this episode […]

Future Girl – Episode 2 – Live/Shower/Repeat

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[Singing] Everybody’s got weird roommates [Singing] One of mine is from the future doing research for her grad degree [Singing] I just needed someone to split the rent [Singing] But now my living room is full of weapons and a time machine [Singing] step into our apartment welcome to our world [Singing] It’s just me, […]

Keanu Reeves Had a Crush on ‘Speed’ Co-Star Sandra Bullock

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I cannot believe we’ve never met. We have never met. It’s weird. I feel like that’s a strange thing. Don’t you think we would have run into each other somewhere? Yes. Yeah, no. No. Nothing. I don’t get out much. I don’t either. So maybe that’s why. That’s why. We’re just– Do you live here […]

Five Little Speckled Frogs | Nursery Rhymes | from LittleBabyBum!

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Five little speckled frogs Sat on a speckled log Eating some most delicious bugs YUM! YUM! One jumped into the pool Where it was nice and cool Now there are four green speckled frogs! GLUB! GLUB! Four little speckled frogs Sat on a speckled log Eating some most delicious bugs YUM! YUM! One jumped into […]

Bathtub Refinishing Dallas TX (469) 530-0015 | Bath Tub Reglazing Resurfacing Repair

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If your bathtub is damaged [worn-out] difficult to clean or just plain ugly Then refinishing your bathtub can be a low-cost alternative to replacing it the Dallas Bathtub refinishing pros can refinish your Fiberglass acrylic or porcelain tub to look and feel [like] new in two days or less you can save up to 75 […]

Bathtub Full Of Cheese Is Meant To Soften Skin

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Welcome to Gerschnialp. We’re currently surrounded by the stunning mountains, green grass, and the gentle sound of cowbells. So where better to go and bathe in a bathtub full of cheese product? Traditional Swiss dairy Alpkäserei Gerschnialp produces 35 tons of cheese a year using cow and goat’s milk from nearby dairies. During the cheese-making […]

The Bathroom Intervention || Be More Chill Animatic

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[Music] [Out of breath] Oh my god… Oh god… [Screaming] Sup. Michael? I didn’t know you were invited to this party. I wasn’t. Which is why I’m wearing this… clever disguise! You’re speechless. Squip got your tongue? No it’s… it’s off. That would explain why you’re talking to me. I was thinking about this moment. […]

How to Install or Replace a Bathroom Sink Faucet | The Home Depot

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[MUSIC PLAYING] So, Chris, are you ready to get this old faucet out and get a nice new one in? Yeah, let’s do it. All right. Well, the first thing we want to do is shut off the water. So let’s take a look at your shutoff valve underneath the sink. Go ahead and turn […]