What Happens In The Boys Bathroom!

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How to Build Shelves for In Wall Bathroom Built-ins

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How To Tile Shower Curb – Step By Step – DIY

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Here I want to put a tile I already spread the thin-set and this is the and this is the tile I am going to put here as you can see I also spread thin set .. what called back buttering the tile here I want to show you how it looks like If you […]

How to Grout a Shower Niche with Laticrete Permacolor Select — by Home Repair Tutor

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We’re going to grout this shower. We’re going to use Permacolor Select, which is a high performance grout by Laticrete. What I think is one of the coolest things about this Permacolor is that basically you get these color packets to… this would be basically your grout base, and then you get a color packet […]


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Noah- Oooh my name’s Keith. put more fingers up my bum *wheeze* Shayne – I want more! Keith – Alright guys, this is Smosh Squad here with our friend Damien right here. We’re playing ‘Try Not To Laugh’ once again, alright and you know the rules of this game is no touching just make them […]

13 Big Ideas for Small Bathroom Storage

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Storage is always at a premium in a small space, but nowhere is that more true than in the bathroom. If the clutter in your bathroom is getting a little out of control, it might be time to check out these 13 Big Ideas for Small Bathroom Storage. number 1. A Touch of Green in […]

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodel: Series Overview

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Ready for a new bathroom, but a little tight on cash? Well that was the case for us, too. Yeah, our bathroom had this vintage, retro look that might be cool for some, but it just wasn’t us. So we decided a complete remodel was in order. But, we worked in stages to stay on […]

Walking In On MC In The Shower (Hilarious Mystic Messenger Comic Dub)

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– [Narrator] http://www.plumberparts.co.uk. Honest reviews and advice. – Hi, and welcome to part one of this http://www.plumberparts.co.uk video. In part one today, I’m going to show you how to fit a Bristan artisan bar shower mixer. They’re a pretty common type. There’s loads of other different makes of bar shower out there but if you […]

Golf Cart Tour of Rome

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