BEST FUNNY PRANKS ON FRIENDS || Family Funny Pranks by 123 GO!

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Love to make your friends squirm? Then perhaps you should try the ‘ol shaving cream vanilla ice cream trick on for size. Ice cream? Oh ya, that’s bad. If you love playing jokes on your friends, keep watching for more awesome pranks! Psst! Wake up, Sophia! Ah, we’re losing her again. Hey, Sophia? Uh oh, […]

Ice Cream Song | Little Baby Bum | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Songs for Kids

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Ice cream, ice cream, yummy ice cream Ice cream, ice cream, a special treat Ice cream, ice cream, chocolate or vanilla “So many flavours!” Ice cream, ice cream, sprinkle sprinkle Ice cream, ice cream, choc chips too! Ice cream, ice cream whoever chooses! “So many toppings!” Ice cream, ice cream, choose a place to sit! […]

iMpuls : sterco di pecora

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Top 5 Rarest Flowers You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

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Some flowers are so rare, bloom in specific seasons or even after decades. Here the list of 5 rarest flowers you probably didn’t know exist. #1. Middlemist red The stunningly beautiful middle mist red is the rarest flower in the world. Surprisingly, only two examples of this flower are left in the world, in the […]

How to Apply Mapei Grout (Keracolor U) on Shower Wall Tiles (Step-by-Step)

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Mapei grout is considered to be one of the best grouts for a shower surround, and today I need to grout this 12” x 24” tile. I’m going to be using Mapei’s Keracolor U, which stands for unsanded grout, and the reason why is the grout joints are no bigger than 1/8”. Plus, I don’t […]

Tiling a Shower Niche (Step-by-Step)

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So how do you tile a shower niche? That is today’s question. Well, we’re going to share with you how to do it in today’s tutorial. And Steve’s going to share with you not how to tile just one but two shower niches in the exact same shower surround. So this can be a little […]

Baby Anger

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angry with your father? angry Atharv is angry you are my son? no who’s son is this crocodile’s son this is very good boy no!!!! not good…… this is bad baby….bad baby!!! my son not your son its crocodile’s son crocodiles son don’t make video you are my son no dinosaur’s son no father’s son […]

Halloween safety

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How To Install A Bathroom Vanity – DIY At Bunnings

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I’m gonna be showing you how to install a vanity into our newly finished bathroom. The one we’ve selected today has a couple of drawers and one door on the side, but it is important to remember when selecting for yourself, you get something that meets your needs. The tools that we are gonna require […]


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