Lush How It’s Made: Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel

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(uplifting background music) – Hi, I’m Kirsti, and today we’re in Lush Manufacturing, and I’m gonna show you all about Wash Behind Your Ears, and Arnel is gonna be our compounder today. (motivating background music) Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel is a new limited edition product that’s available only for Easter. Arnel is gonna […]

How to Tile a Shower Wall…Vertical 12×24 Porcelain — by Home Repair Tutor

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Hey, guys! In the last video we showed how to tile the pebble stone shower floor in our most recent project. Today we’re going to share tips on how to tile a shower wall, specifically the main shower wall using vertical 12x24s. We’re going to give you tips on the tools that we use, how […]

#Momsplaining with Kristen Bell: Self-Care

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard flight ABC 123 with direct service to parenthood. The local temperature is all over the place, so there’s no way to dress properly. Carry-on items should now be stored securely. [CRASH] But regardless of how tight you shut it, be prepared for [BLEEP] to fall on your head during the […]

Testing “holographic” face masks (couples therapy: what he really thinks of me)

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So am I more beautiful yet? or… Actually, you do kinda look like a better person [awkward laughter] [snazzy intro music] Well, holo everyone, it’s me Cristine agai- Why are you biting me?! [cries with sad piano music] And you know what? I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately. I’ve been busy at work; I’ve been […]

Billie Eilish – Lovely (With Khalid | Bathtub Acoustic Cover)

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Thought I found a way Thought I found a way out (found) But you never go away (never go away) So I guess I gotta stay now Oh, I hope some day I’ll make it out of here Even if it takes all night or a hundred years Need a place to hide, but I […]

Floodwaters fill university’s football stadium like bathtub

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Crochet Quickie Slippers

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Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as my friends over at I’m your host Mikey. Today we’re gonna work on the Quickie Slippers featuring Bernat Softy Chunky Yarn. So we’re going to be making one size here but there are three sizes available here, and we’re gonna cover that here in the […]

[2015MAMAxMPD] BTS(방탄소년단) – RUN in HOTEL 151208

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Yeah 넌 내 하나뿐인 태양 세상에 딱 하나 You are my only sun, one and only in the world 널 향해 피었지만 난 자꾸 목말라 You sailing for blooming, but I keep feel thirsty 너무 늦었어 늦었어 너 없이 살 순 없어 It’s too late, too late, I can’t live without you 가지가 말라도 더 […]

When your Asperger’s child won’t shower

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How to Tile a Shower Floor (Part 1: Layout for 2×2 Tiles)

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Today we’re going to show you how to tile a shower floor. This is Part 1 of Part 2. We’re specifically going to go over how to do the tile layout in today’s video and why that is so important before you set the tile. So these quick tips are going to make your project […]