Century Home Tiny Bathroom Transformation – S02E03 – Reality Renovision

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Back to suit you don’t have the water off This is why you need to replace the steel pipes in your house, I no one ever want to see this again Nothing like the satisfaction of being able to tear apart something you hate. I Think we’re gonna increase value in this kitchen. This is […]

Weird Thoughts You Have In The Shower

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– Hmm, I think I could totally rock a mohawk. I don’t wanna get out of the shower. Holy shit a whole clump of my hair just came out. How am I not bald yet? One day we’re just going to not exist. Oprah is just gonna not exist one day. I wonder how many […]

Does it Work?? Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner

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(pencil scratching) – Welcome to DIY for Homeowners. – We’re Mother Daughter Projects. – I’m Steph. – I’m Vicki. – And today we’re gonna test out this product called Wet & Forget Shower and we actually tried out some Wet & Forget products a little while ago maybe a year or two ago. So after […]

How often should I bathe my baby?

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MVTV – A Bathtub Fills from the Ceiling! Parade of Homes with Andersen 100 Series

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Welcome to Mountain View Television, MVTV. The leaders in education for the construction industry. Today we’ll be featuring a residential project. We have Marsha. Thank you for coming in. What we want to do is have you tell the story of where you came from and why you came to the western slope, as well […]

Emmy Rossum Was Naked in the Bathtub When She Got Engaged

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Sure, the actress is happily engaged, but not every girl dreams of being proposed to when they’re naked in the bathtub… Which is how it went down for Emmy. Se tells the talk show, Chelsea, “I happened to be in the bathtub when it happened… And then I realized that it was happening. And then […]

Switching Clothes with my Brother!!!!

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>>Hey, guys! It’s Karina.>>It’s Ronald from, Sis versus Bro.>>And today, we’re gonna be switching our clothes for one week challenge! So basically, this challenge is exactly how it sounds. We’re gonna be switching clothes for one week. I know. It’s gonna be a little bit crazy, but we’re not gonna be switching shoes because it […]

I Bought A Box Of Amazon Customer Returns

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♪This is Safiya’s new intro song. ♪🎶 *woop* Hello, friends, and welcome to another video. Today, I’m gonna be buying and opening an Amazon return box. So I’m guessing that most of you guys have probably bought something from Amazon before, and at least some of you have also returned something to Amazon. Now, I’ve […]

(LEGENDADO) [BANGTAN BOMB] Jacket shooting in the bathroom – BTS (방탄소년단)

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[Taking photos for the cover of the album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA] JH: Namjoon looks good with white hair. But I think it looks better bright colored hair. SG: Jin just broke the scene. Staff: All right? JM: What do I usually do in front of the mirror? JH: Huh? When are you in […]

How to Clean Your Bathroom Sink

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