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>>Hey guys, it’s Karina!>>It’s Ronald, and we are from!>>SIS vs BRO! And today, we are doing the Giant Gummy>>Versus Tiny Gummy Challenge!>>So, one person will get the giant gummies.>>And the other will get the tiny gummies.>>Yeah, he’s a little bit crazy. I’m so hungry. So let’s start.>>Dish number one.>>Alright. Rock, paper, scissors. Who goes first?>>Rock, […]

Bathtub Full of Shaving foam | 100 liters

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I’m the foam Master Hey Guys! What’s up friends? I’m the Interesting and I’m Ficus And today we’ll have an awesome experiment We took 40 bottles of shaving foam which are about 300 ml each for today’s experiment According to Sergey’s calculations 40 bottles should be enough for one bath tub I guess it’s more […]

Como limpar rejunte encardido com bicarbonato how to clean a grimy bathtub

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“Can’t Stop The Feeling!” Official Movie Clip | TROLLS

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25 MILLION Orbeez in a pool- Do you sink or float?

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A while back I was eating lunch with some co-workers and we were debating about just how far you would sink if you jumped into a pool of these orbeez For example would it go up to your calf or to like your waist or all the way above your head Everyone seemed to have […]

How to Install a Pop-Up Drain in a Bathroom Sink | Repair and Replace

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Hi I’m Stephany and welcome to Repair and Replace, your online resource for quick and easy repairs. Today we’re going to install a mechanical pop-up drain in a bathroom sink. To begin you’ll need a mechanical pop-up drain, plumbers putty, channel lock pliers, a plastic container and a cloth. The drain collar, or flange, helps […]

Planting Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha Hydrangea and a Japanese Maple 🌿Pt 1

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Hey guys, good morning and planting up a new area in my garden So this is the spot right here kind of this corner area So this area was our rose garden it still kind of is but there were roses all over right in here kind of like lining The edge and then they […]

Use This and See The Magic in Gardening | Uses of Alum on Plants – Soil Amendment

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Alum Uses In Gardens: Aluminum Soil Amendment Tips Alum or Potash Alum chemically called Potassium Aluminum Sulfate is a chemical compound commonly used in water purification, leather tanning, dyeing, etc. Alum is available in powder form and also in crystal form and is easily available at any grocery store or supermarkets and even in some […]

One Week Cold Shower Challenge – Can It Cure Your Allergies?

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cold showers have been around for a long time Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who prescribed them to his patients. You also see this in Japanese communal showers where people dip their bodies in hot water first then end off in a cold pool of water. There was a post on Reddit that caught my […]

Meghan Markle baby shower: Who will be at Meghan’s baby shower? Best friends and celebs – Today New

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 Meghan Markle, 37, is enjoying a glamorous baby shower at an Upper East Side hotel in the Big Apple A heavily-pregnant Duchess of Sussex arrived in New York on Friday before being spotted out with best pal Jessica Mulroney the next day in Lower Manhattan Ms Mulroney is said to be organising the baby shower, […]