How To Tile Arch Niche – Bathroom Shower Tile Niche Ideas

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No No No! Vegetables | Nursery Rhymes and Kids | Original Song By LBB!

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“No I don’t want to eat that I don’t like it you see” “No I don’t want to eat that It probably tastes yucky” Look, here comes Daisy Time to try new greens She knows they taste good Daisy loves her greens! Now you try, open wide Eat these yummy greens “No I don’t want […]

Baby Bath Song Nursery Rhymes song for Kids Toys Colors

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How to install an Aqualisa smart shower diverter

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Hi I’m James in this video I’ll be showing you how to install an Aqualisa smart diverter. If you are installing an Aqualisa dual outlet system you will need to install a smart diverter. If you’re installing a diverter for an Aqualisa Q™ smart shower please refer to our separate video. All other Aqualisa smart […]

How to Tile a Shower Wall (9 Quick Tips)

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In this video, I wanted to give you several quick tips on how to tile a shower. And the reason why I’m doing this is I got an email from Jonathan who recently purchased one of our online courses. And Jonathan had a lot of really great questions, and so I’m going to address those […]

How do you build a stud wall??? – Bathroom Rebuild | P1V7 | ShortWorx

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This time I’ll be starting the bathroom rebuild. Building a new stud wall, fixing the floor and drywalling. These braces will provide a fixing point for the new stud wall. The laser level will help me find the new wall position. Next, I cut the top plate to length… …and secure it to the bracing. […]

How To Install Shower Pre Slope – Step By Step – D.I.Y – The Easy Way

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We are using the dix stick here ( from Goof Prof) to create the (pre) slope as you can see I am using quite a bit of them because I really get the six for free So I decided to use it here and .. One thing I want to say “You can not stick […]

How Often Do You Really Need to Shower?

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Nothing really beats a steamy shower to relax after a hard workout. And good hygiene is how we protect ourselves from infections, and the social stigma of being smelly. But do you really need a daily shower to stay clean, or is it doing more harm than good? It turns out, there aren’t any definite […]

We Bathed in 500 pounds of GLOWING Putty!

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ASMR | Preparing You A Bath | Fizzes, Crinkles, Candles & Tapping

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