DIY solar shower build

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hi guys in this video will show you how I built my solar shower and show you how it works materials are used were two one metre lengths of 100mm PVC a Tee piece with a cap on it two end caps, a tire valve tap and a water tank tap adapter I started out […]

Gaadi Aayi Plane Aaya | Hindi Nursery Rhymes by Kids Tv

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Gaadi aayi Gaadi aayi chuk chuk chuk… Sitti dekho kaise baji cuk cuk cuk… Gaadi mein baitho sab chad chad , Saaman bhi upar rakho fath fath fath Ticket ke paise nikalo chan chan chan … Khidki se dekho mat shh shh shhh … Plane aaya, plane aaya jhup jhup Baadalo ke beech se ha […]

Disney Princess Go Back To School

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Cookie Catches Lucious In the Bathroom With Anika | Season 3 Ep. 11 | EMPIRE

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Lucious? What? I’m in the bathroom. Well, don’t you think we need to talk about what happened last– night? I have rehearsal to get to, so, just let me know if you need anything. Thanks. You need to want more out of life, honey. Disgusting. After what you did last night? You left me high […]

Late for School Routine ♥ 5 Minute Makeup, Hairstyle & Clothes Outfit Tips ♥ Back To School ♥ Wengie

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There is nothing worse than flaky skin underneath our makeup, so even though we are late, we really can’t skip this step, then I am taking my concealer and using it as a highlighter / foundation really, and applying it in all the places where I want to highlight or conceal, this is my forehead, […]

The ‘Sunflowers’: Why? How? When? | The National Gallery, London

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The curator, along with my colleagues in the post-1800 department of this small but remarkable display we have on in room 46 of the National Gallery, bringing together two versions of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous work, the Sunflowers; our own version here in the National Gallery, which was acquired in 1924 thanks to the […]

How to Install a Shower Enclosure | Mitre 10 Easy As

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Upgrading an old shower is a great way to refresh your bathroom. Installing a brand new shower enclosure is actually a job you can do yourself. I’ll show you how it’s done easy as. The one I’m installing is the round Calais model. Make sure you check the instructions that come with the enclosure you’re […]

How to clean shower doors and stop water spots and soap scum from coming back!

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How to Fix a Clogged Toilet | Plumbing Repairs

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Making a Heated Seat

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Hi. I have a great and unique idea, which is turning your wooden or plastic seat into a heated seat so your fragile buttocks can rest in peace. All we need is a heating element which I’ll extract from this broken hairdryer as these wires. [scrape, scrape, scrape] So here we are. I hot glued […]