Frameless Shower Door Install – Knee-Wall / Buttress / Tub Deck Configuration | Illusion by Coastal

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A paradigm shift in innovation and value, Coastal’s Illusion series shower enclosure is a true “Value-Creator” for both pro’s and diy’ers alike. Coastal’s Illusion series not only offers the luxuries of heavy all-glass shower enclosures, it also provides the installer with a substantial amount of in-the-field adjustability which dramatically reduces installation time and difficulty. Right […]

Big Momma’s House (2000) – Trapped In the Bathroom Scene (1/5) | Movieclips

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Let me just make it to the bathroom, before I Lose my bowels all over myself! Lord! Whoo! Jesus! Mmm Ahh! Wooah Im naked (GRUNTS)(FLATULENCE) Have Mercy, Lord Have Mercy Ohhh! Those stewed prunes, just going right straight through me whooo! uh! AHHH! Oh yes! Peewhew Whoo! Oh Lord Whooo! (GRUNTS) There goes last nights […]


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-Come on, girls. Let’s go to the bathroom and talk about girl stuff! -Shut up! -The following is based on a true story. The names have been changed to protect the person’s identity. -She’s supposed to be an even better actress than Megan Fox. -Dude, how is that possible? Megan Fox is like the– -Oh, […]

How to Make Your Bath / Shower Surround Grout Look New Again!

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Alright so today on Repairs101 I�m going to show you how I was able to brighten up this dingy looking shower surround in only a few hours a day over a period of a few days. You know the first time I did this I was twenty years old and I had nothing but a […]

Are Shower Beers The Best Thing Ever?

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Baby Hippo Giving Mom A “Cat Bath” (Old Bangkok Zoo, Now Closed)

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This is 1 hippo licking another. Something I’ve never seen in my life. A while ago the little one was licking the other so hard that it was moving the big one around. Please get up and play with me, I’m bored. BIG TEETH!

Sunburn Relief & Skin Care Tips : Baby Oil & Sun Bathing Tips

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Dr. Susan, you see so many people at the hotels and resorts on vacation, they’re putting on baby oil and this is coconut. You see them baking in the sun literally in oil. Could you please address that? Absolutely. I mentioned earlier about SPF levels and the numbers. It’s okay to put baby oil and […]

Shower Doors – How To Install A Paragon Framed Door & Adjacent Inline Panel Configuration by Coastal

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[ Paragon Framed ] Coastal’s award winning Paragon Series shower enclosure system combines the luxury of design with the practicality of easy customization satisfying the demands of many enclosure designs, whether standard or custom. Paragon emphasizes glass exposure without sacrificing stability and durability. It allows the customer to create an enclosure of virtually any shape […]

Shower Base Install And Connect Drain Install

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now before we install the base of the shower let’s start by putting the part of the shower drain on the bottom part of the shower base and again what I like to do is first lay out my mouth Theriot before I start this is the shower drain connector and my preference is the […]

Carpet Tuxedo Firing Squad ft. Link’s Kids

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-Cats wearing clothes. -And me wearing carpet. Let’s talk about that! ♪(Theme music)♪ -Good Mythical Morning! -Remember today is the last day that you can vote for us for show of the year at the Streamys. You do that by tweeting “I vote for #goodmythicalmorning for show of the year at the #streamys” You can […]