How To Install a Bathroom Vanity Mirror & Light

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The next project in our bath remodel is perfect for the novice DIYer—installing a new vanity mirror and a new light to go above. Now let’s talk about mirrors first. There are several different kinds— like surface mount mirrors, surface mount medicine cabinets, and recessed medicine cabinets. It’s easiest to replace your old mirror with […]

Tiny Shipping Container House Bathroom 🛁 Part 1 #075

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Well, the idea for this week was to install all the plumbing for the internal part of our tiny shipping container house. That was the theory of course. In reality in order to install the internal pipes we needed to install the bathtub and then to polish the… Polish? Yeah, to polish the bathtub. And […]

How to Save Water by Taking a Shorter Shower

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Morning Vs. Night Showers • Debatable

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– I’m talking about the people with clean beds. – What do you mean by clean people Jen? What do you mean by clean people? Who are you excluding in that? Who’s dirty? The poor? The poor Jen? – [Jen] No! – I rest my case. – Showers, an invigorating way to start the day, […]

15 Best Showers and Steam Showers that Improve your Home

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Cold Showers Every Day for 30 Days Challenge

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So I decided to try taking a cold shower every day for 30 days. I’ve heard a lot about the potential benefits of having cold showers and cold shower therapy so I wanted to try it for myself. So I’ve been doing some research online and the benefits of cold showers allegedly include but are […]

SassiBoB Bathtub time

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Oh hi. So, you guys have not been asking me, my naked truth questions. You can ask a question and I will reply to it…naked. Dear SassiBoB, Why in the heck is it that woman who have a dysfunctional dish? a smelly vajayjay? a mouldy muffin? or a bowl of stinky pudding? They don’t ever […]

Herb Gardening Tips and Tricks | ASK gardenstead 005

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Hi everybody, welcome back to ASK gardenstead with Jaz and Shannon. This is episode 5 and we’re talking all about herbs. Herbs and herbs. I have to tell you something. What? Okay, so remember when I gave you such a hard time about putting your watering can under your sink. Yes. I know why you […]

HSN | Concierge Collection Bedding 02.26.2018 – 01 PM

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How to Remove a Stuck Shower Arm Pipe For New Shower Head

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