Dividing Peonies

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-Peonies will bloom happily for decades without ever becoming overgrown or crowded, but sometimes it becomes necessary to dig up and divide clumps. Fall is the best time to transplant peonies. Wait until after a hard frost and then follow these simple steps. Start by cutting bad stems to the ground and tossing them in […]

IT CHAPTER TWO – Final Trailer [HD]

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♪♪♪Something happens to you when you leave this town.The farther away the hazier it all gets.But me…I never left.I remember all of it.Help me! Help me! [Laughing] To the losers. We made an oath.Swear?If it isn’t dead…if it ever comes back…we’ll come back too.We didn’t stop it. Pennywise.The clown.[Laughing]We can’t let it happen again.Hello? Kid? […]

Is It Okay To Pee In The Shower? • Debatable

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– What the fuck is the difference between peeing in the shower and using your shower as a toilet? The shower is a toilet at that point. – You’re taking a shower while you’re peeing! – That doesn’t make it better! – Killing– – Peeing in the shower. Come on. Admit it. You’ve done it. […]

Solo Female Van Life: TOP 10 PLACES TO SHOWER! 🛀 | Hobo Ahle

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So living in vehicles- super fun, really exciting, great lifestyle! But one of the biggest obstacles to overcome or that you’re gonna encounter when you first start is: where to shower? So I’m just gonna go over like the top ten places to shower or I guess really like places / ways to shower because […]

Don’t Leave Bathtub for 24 Hours

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Guess what, Infographics fans- that’s right, it’s challenge time again. Over the past year we’ve been exploring the limits of human endurance, testing the strength of the human mind, body, and spirit. Today we’re back again with another special challenge episode, as we seek to delve once more into the greatest scientific mysteries of our […]

Baby Born with Giant Tumor? Plus, Man Survives a Shocking Spear Fishing Accident

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Bathtub Water Usage | Call 1300 887 177

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ACS Designer Bathrooms www.acsupplies.com.au 1300 887 177 TIRED OF USING DIRTY Bathtubs MOSSY Bathtubs OLD Bathtubs LOOKING FOR HIGH QUALITY BATH TUB? ACS Designer Bathrooms have the answers for your problems! We are an AUSTRALIAN COMPANY that has been in the building industry for over 20 years We understand that in today’s competitive market you […]

Entomologist says always luggage in hotel bathtub to avoid bed bugs

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Hi Luka’s fan. Today we continue with another episode on WOA Luka Channel: BABY BUILDS PLAYHOUSE If you feel this video is some kind of cool stop motion animation. Please hit “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons below to see better episodes on WOA Luka Channel. And don’t forget ro hit the ♪BELL♪

Bedtime Songs | Lullabies | Nursery Rhymes | 42 Minutes from LBB! “Shhh…Goodnight!”

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(tinkling) (soft piano music) ♫ Star light ♫ Star bright ♫ The first star I see tonight ♫ I wish I may, I wish I might ♫ Have the wish I wish tonight ♫ Star light ♫ Star bright ♫ The first star I see tonight ♫ I wish I may, I wish I might […]