How to Install American Standard AXIS™ 38″ Neo-Angle Shower Door Featuring Easy-to-Clean Glass

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In this video we will demonstrate the hands on steps to installing yourAxis neo-angle semi-frameless shower door. First, you should familiarize yourself with all the parts using the assembly drawing as a guide and have all the required tools gathered for the job. Before starting to work protect the shower base with cardboard and cover […]

Baby Mat’s reaction when he picks up his mom from work :)

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Mat in the car going to pick up his mom Already tripping to the beats of the music in the radio Slowly parking close to mom’s work Slowly parking close to mom’s work Ok, where are we and why did we stop? Ok, where are we and why did we stop? Alright, lets see what […]

Foam Bath Toys 100% Non-Toxic Preschool Alphabet – Best Baby Bath Toys Toddlers Kids Girls Boys

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This Video Review Is Based On : Price, quality, performance, warranty, brand trust, after sales & service, reusability, familiarity and easy to operate. YOU ALWAYS BUY THE BEST FOR YOUR BABY. The most popular and useful foam bath toys alphabet . Your baby is the best, and we will help you make bathing fun and […]

How To Install a Bath Exhaust Fan

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Is this what you do after every shower? Then you need a new exhaust fan. And since we’re renovating everything else in this bathroom, there’s no better time for us to replace the old one. The latest fans are so cool. Some have lights, some have heaters, and for the ultimate fight against mold, some […]

Eating lunch in my high school bathroom stall…

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Hi! My name is Kristine and when I was in high school, I was that one kid who never spoke in class. I would occasionally say hi to other students while passing periods but for the most part I hung out with a new friend every year and my real best friend was myself. Some […]

How to Plant Bulbs in the Spring or Fall

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The great thing about planting perennial bulbs is that they will bloom year after year. Here’s what you need to know. Spring is the best time to plant tender bulbs like gladiolus, dahlias, caladium, and elephant ears. In the fall plant hardy bulbs like tulips, irises, daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses. Before you plant – plan […]

Hot Shower vs Cold Shower, which is better? | #aumsum

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It’s AumSum Time. Which is better: Hot Shower or Cold Shower? No Shower is the AumSum Mantra. Sooo gross. Let’s have a look at the advantages of cold showers first. As we are warm-blooded, the sudden sensation of cold water awakens our body. Thus making us feel fresh and alert. Secondly, many scientists believe that. […]


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Hey! What’s happening, everybody? So I love camping! But the one thing that’s preventing me from camping nearly as much as I’d like to Is, after a day or two, I need a shower, man! I get sticky, I get sweaty, I get stinky, And I just don’t like it. And I’ve tried a couple […]

Shower Chairs – Advantages and Disadvantages You Should Know.mp4

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Shower Chairs: Advantages and Disadvantages You Should Know. Shower chairs were conceptualised to help people who can no longer stand in front of a shower and bathe themselves. Usually, these pieces are deemed fit for the needs of adults or obese individuals. They come in various forms and sizes that can be availed of according […]

How to hang a bathroom cabinet on a tiled wall

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In this video I’m going to fix this large bathroom cabinet on to a tiledd bathroom wall. Before we start we’re going to remove the doors from the cabinet. We need to measure the distance between the two fixing holes. That is very easy to do you simply need a tape measure like that, hold […]