How to Tile a Shower Wall…Stacked Subway Tile Tips — by Home Repair Tutor

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In this video we’re going to give you tips on how to tile a shower, specifically how to use stacked subway tile in a tub/shower combo. These are really awesome tips, so let’s dive in. Tip #1 is to plan your layout; this is very important. Layout is always the first thing you want to […]

Installing a Hexagonal Mosaic Marble shower Floor, step by step

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in this video I’m gonna show you how to install a hexagonal marble mosaic tile on a shower floor including the drain okay I’m going to install this hexagonal marble tile on this floor here I already installed it on the ceiling and I’m going to mirror that on the floor this pan is already […]

Week #3: First Bath! (And a Heart to Heart Talk) ⎮ ASL Stew Life

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(cat meows) ♪♪♪ – Good morning! Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Just kind of chilling out, enjoying our Sunday morning. Just gave Leon his medication. So that’s good. Yeah just chilling out. ♪♪♪ – So right now we’re in Target. Just kind of pushing around Mikko for the first time going out. So hopefully we’re back […]

How to Braid A Woven Wrap Baby Carrier – Babywearing

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Hey what’s up guys it’s Jared and Krystle again. We wanted to show you guys real quick how easy it is to braid a woven wrap. It’s actually kind of fun to do too and it looks really good. Enjoy! Hey everybody thanks for watching! If you have any comments or questions please leave them […]

Has Lee Mack been snorkelling in his bathtub for his beach holiday? – Would I Lie to You?

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Ahead of a forthcoming beach holiday, I’ve been practising my snorkelling in the bath. Last week, I managed to stay under for the entirety of The Archers. David’s team. Erm… Lie. For some of the younger people who have full and vibrant lives… Yeah. ..what is The Archers? The Archers is a radio soap opera […]

🐵Baby Monkey | Monkey Moon Takes A Bath Before Sleeping

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Monkey MOON Mon takes a bath

Small Bathroom Remodel Tips…3 Ideas for Making Bathrooms Bigger

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Hey, guys! In this video, we’re going to be sharing a lot of really great tips on how to remodel a small bathroom, specifically we’re going to share with you three tips on how to make a small bathroom bigger. And we’re going to start right away with the bathtub. So in a lot of […]

Remodeling a bathroom for Under $100| DIY GOLD MARBLE FLOOR

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How To Make Quick and Easy Luxury Shower Oil (DIY Beauty)

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Hello. I’m Richard from The Soap Kitchen, and today we’re going to show you how to make a really luxurious, cold process, PEG free, shower oil. So, to make our shower oil, you need the very simplest of kitchen equipment. Just a measuring jug, stirring spoon, or if you prefer, a whisk measuring scales, and […]


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I just wanna be your flower, freshly red With my flowery scent, I lure in all the bees Even as flowers wither, don’t you worry they will bloom again As I bloom in vivid colors, everyone stares at me They’re all looking at me now, all of this attention I don’t hate it Flowers bloom […]