BATHTUB WITH WATER BALLOONS | 5000+ Water balloon Bathtub challenge

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Water droplets! So many huge water droplets! Hi guys! What’s up? We’re interesting and Ficus Well, today in the new release of “the bathtub with” We’ll have a full bathtub with water balloons. 160 liters And if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, do it right now by clicking the button below. Well, for […]

how to clean your bathtub, without bending – save your back

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introducing tub scrub by kronos enterprises tub scrub is a fast easy way to clean your bathtub styles showers and supplies no more bending kneeling or straining your back clean from top to bottom in minutes safely standing outside the bathtub subscribe specially-designed nylon netting is made for scrapping and its multipurpose telescopic shaft will […]

Cutest Baby Family Moments – Fun and Fails Baby Video

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Hello everyone! Thanks for watching!

15 Signs Your Child Will Be Rich in the Future

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It might seem like all humans are born the same, and it’s impossible to predict the future success of a young kid. However, it turns out there are some common features that make successful individuals stand out from the crowd, and these features start showing at an early age. And no, it’s not that silver […]

Guilty dog goes to bathtub.

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You are a bad dog. you know what you did. Look at your face! Just look at your face! You know you did something wrong. Don’t you? Yeah, look at that! Look at that poop on you! Look at that! All over you! GO! Go to the bathroom! Go! Ew! I don’t wanna touch you! […]

How to Unclog Bathtub Drain Hair FOREVER►WASH DAY ROUTINE HACK

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After a long week of tutorials, it’s finally wash day! I’ve teamed up with the lovely folks over at SinkShroom to share this nifty no clog, no chemical device under $15 that literally will save your drain on wash day. There’s several different types of curly girls on wash day. The stray brusher. The liner. […]

Prevent Stretch Marks Secret Saviours Review – Siobhan’s Story

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>>Siobhan: Hi there I’m Siobhan, mum of Oscar, four weeks old and Eddie, seven years old. So at 28 weeks I went to see my midwife and when she palpated my stomach she told me that Oscar was in breech position; which means his head was up here. And I’d been having these really horrible […]

Handyman Bucks County, PA | Hubby4Hire-215-345-1684

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Handyman Bucks County PA – Hubby 4 Hire has been providing quality Handyman Services to the Bucks Country, PA area since 1998. We are family owned & operated.We are fully licensed, insured & bonded and have over 14 years of Home Improvement experience. We are state licensed and are a registered Pennsylvania home improvement contractor. […]

I Filled my Swimming Pool with GIANT SNAKES!! **scary**

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i don’t think I’m ready for this man. I don’t think you guys are ready as well because as you can see by the title. We are filling my swimming pool with the giant snakes, so yeah. I figured it was time for another one of those super crazy Faze Rug videos. Something never done […]

My Mom’s iPhone PRANK!!

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(crickets chirping) (screams) – Jordyn? (giggles) – One. – Two. – Three. – Four. – Five. – Six. – And seven! – They’re all accounted for. – Is my beard blowing in the wind? – Uh, yes, and that’s gross. (upbeat music) – Hi, guys. We are on vacation. – [All] Vacation! – I wanna […]