Water underneth bathtub. Failed Bathtub Liner Removal

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I am Paul Burns from Porcelain Tub Restorations Here will be looking at a failed bathtub liner installation The bathtub has water underneath it You can see the water coming up the caulk line there. Makes the liner feel very spoungy were going to need to remove his liner it’s a cheap PVC Vinyl liner […]

How to Make a Bathroom Sink Vanity Unit // Tiny Apartment Build – Ep.1

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Hey hey, so…a new series is born on the channel and I’m going to build a tiny apartment on this space. Let’s get started! The reason I haven’t been posting many videos recently is because 1 – I’ve been planing, drawing and thinking really hard about this new space for the last couple months and […]

5 Steps to a Cleaner Bathroom! (Clean My Space)

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Recently we filmed a video called “5 Steps to a Cleaner Bedroom,” and that one did pretty well. So it got me thinking, “Where else could we do a five steps to a cleaner you know what?” And I thought, you know, a bathroom is a pretty good place to start. Regardless of how messy […]

Cleaning Tips: How to Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean – Shower Doors 101 How To

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AquaGlideXP is a coating that’s applied to tempered glass. And that coating fills in pores in the glass. So, glass is porous. And by design, over time those pores can absorb water spots grime, soap, shampoo, etcetera. So AquaGlideXP takes and fills those pores so you have a slick surface that those items cannot absorb […]

Swiss Engineer Designs Ultra Functional Van w/ Indoor Shower to Travel the Americas

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This is Desiree and Andres. We live in our van since eight months now. In the past we traveled with the Toyota Land Cruiser and we want to go on a bigger trip. I’m too old to stay two years in a Land Cruiser. We think we like to travel slow and we like to […]

Day in the Life of a Typical Japanese Office Worker in Tokyo

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So in this video I’m going to show you guys what it’s like to work in a Japanese office. This is Emi, a 24 year old Japanese woman working in Tokyo, and she’s just waking up. This is her morning routine – she doesn’t take a shower to get ready for work, as some may […]

I Can Sing a Rainbow – Rainbow song – Color song – Nursery Rhymes with lyrics – Song for children

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I can sing a rainbow Red and yellow and pink and green. Purple and orange and blue. I can sing a rainbow. Sing a rainbow. Sing a rainbow, too. Listen with your heart. Listen with your heart. And sing everything you feel. I can sing a rainbow. Sing a rainbow. Sing a rainbow, too. Red […]

Plan with Me || Go Wild Week! || Addie Belle and Co

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this is my last spread this was what I called a Jacob wink I previously said that I was gonna alternate between the wild kids and kids that reminded me of my son Jacob since this was his birthday month and this was my last week so my next week for the next week this […]

10 English words that you pronounce INCORRECTLY | British English Pronunciation

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Hello and welcome back to English with Lucy I’ve got a pronunciation video for you today and it’s all about 10 words that you might be pronouncing incorrectly So, let’s get started Ok so the first word is this one! How would you say it? it’s not fru-it There are not two syllables there We […]

Portable Outdoor Shower Attachment for Water Hose – RV Camping and Glamping

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Sometimes I don’t even want to let my kids in the house without hosing them down first. And other times, I’m the one who needs to be hosed down. So I found a great solution that we can use either at our house or when we’re camping. You are NOT coming in here like that, […]