Baby Shower Blues

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(crowd cheering) Welcome back. It’s time for Ask Wendy, everybody have a seat except for you, come on over, how you doing? How you doing? Hi Wendy. Oh my gosh, you’re blushing. My cheeks are always red. Are they? Naturally blushed. So cute. Thank you. They’ll keep you youthful. Thank you. What’s your name, where […]

👶🏻✈️Baby’s FIRST FLIGHT!!!

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BABY GIRL Shopping Trip!

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Princess Sisterhood Show ♔ Self-Care & Confidence

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Today we’ll be crowned with sparking self-care. Dear little girl, you’re terribly blessed but it’s your heart of gold I love the best and that would be your crowning glory. The most glorious part of you. Welcome to the Princesses Sisterhood Show. We are royal sisters from around the globe. We fix each other’s tiaras, […]

How To Make Baked Eggplant Taste Like Fried | Rockin Robin Cooks

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Hi, everybody. Today’s recipe, I’m going to be making a gluten free, oven-baked fried eggplant for you. We’re going to coat this up with a nice breadcrumb-seasoned coating, dipped in egg too, of course, and we’re going to bake it in the oven to make it a little bit healthier for you. So I’m Rockin’ […]

Bridal Shower Games : Bridal Shower Games: Draw the Bride

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This is a really funny gamed draw the bride that you’re going to have all of the guests, at the bridal shower, attend and do. You’re going to give each one a paper plate and a pen and you’re going to explain the rules to them. They have to put the plate on their head […]

How to Clean Bathrooms : How to Clean Bathrooms: Squeegees & Showers

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Okay, we’re going to start with the shower. We’re all done with the tub now. Hopefully you have no questions left on the tub. Its sparkly and clean. There’s no germs. You know that its, its a clean place to wash. So lets move on to the shower. I’m going to give you an example […]

Choosing The Best Sized Bathroom Mirror For Above Your Bathroom Vanity

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#TBT Ellen Scares Taylor Swift in the Bathroom

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All week long, we’ve been scaring a bunch of our guests. Yesterday Taylor Swift was here on the show, and I love doing this. We sent her to a fake dressing room, where I was hiding. We put some hidden cameras and told her to go look at something in the bathroom, a picture of […]

TK Maxx Christmas 2019 – Gift Different

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I used to live on autopilot. Same old, same old. Year in, year out. But then it dawned on me. What if I… gift different? I’m shopping for the oohs… …aahs… …and grins so big they hurt. Gift different this Christmas at TK Maxx. Ridiculously ‘WoOoOoah’* gifts at ridiculously ‘OoOooOoh’ prices.