ULTIMATE BARBIE CAMPER!! Adley gets her FIRST Power Wheels! (car building routine)

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– [Dad] What are you guys doing? – We’re picking out a Barbie cake for me ’cause I’m almost gonna have a birthday! – [Dad] Holy cow you are! How old are you gonna be? – I don’t know! (Jenny laughs) (gong banging music) (Jenny and Dad laughing) [Dad] How old are you right now? […]

Bathroom Cleaning Tips : How to Remove Bathtub Decals

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Hi, this is Ann Myrick, and today I’m going to show you, how to remove bathtub decals. Many time you will move into a place and they’ll have the decals, like ducks for the children, or older ladies or gentlemen. And a lot of times they’re very gritty and dirty, and you want to remove […]


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– By the way, guys, at the end of this video, you’ll also have an opportunity to buy this lovely T-shirt that I’m wearing right now. Isn’t that beautiful? And also, you’ll find a link at the end of the video to our Plumbing Disaster Series which is coming back for a second season really […]

LAST to LEAVE the RV Bathroom WINS!

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– Uh guys, I think I need to use the bathroom. – [Children] No! – Get me out. – My seat. Get me out of here. – [Children] Hi Soty family. – Hey guys, we’re so excited because we’re in our R.V! – Our mom wanted to surprise us with this and we’re so excited! […]

24 Hours With Our Baby Sister!

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Hey guys, it’s Karina. It’s Ronald, and we are from… Sis versus bro Bro! And today we’re going to be spending 24 hours with our baby sister! (simultaneously scream) I’m so excited because we love our baby sister so much, she’s the cutest little munchkin ever and you will squish her cheeks but she probably […]

Butterfly and Flowers

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Butterfly and Flowers A Butterfly came visiting my Mom’s garden seeking nectar from the flowers It looked like it wanted to lay some eggs, too Subscribe to My Channel Please Like and Share this video

Jagten på Champagne | Vlog 5″ (2017) [Subtitled]

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Hey everybody Now we’re started Let’s start the day Intro* I’m on my way for some champagne right now, because the old ones sent me Ehm Luckily I know a good place down here Damn it’s hot, I should’ve just walked around naked I’m not sure everybody else would be happy about that I actually […]

L.O.L Surprise Doll Bathtub Series

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Waa …. There are Bunny Good [… Applaus …] Surprise there is a cry look at to Dad Shimer and shine Shimer and shine the city the bottle look here open look at to Dad look at to Dad finished

Bathing Baby Gloria Rai.

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I thought I Was

Everything Sakura – Spring Vlog

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Wow look at this guys what a gloomy day today! Hello everyone and welcome back! Today is… the weather is not very great, it’s kind of cold again. It’s been pretty nice and warm for a couple of days, but now the coldness is back and it doesn’t feel good, it’s also kind of gloomy […]