Bathtub Girls: A Punk Rock Musical

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We are a proud part of the Cohen New Works Festival Please silence your phones and no flash photography Because it’s super annoying Enjoy the fucking show!! Lay down your head Drift off to bed Counting your sheep Sink into sleep The sound of the wind chimes Ringing out in time To say to my […]

36 DISNEY FROZEN Anna and Elsa Princess of Arendelle Kinder Surprise Eggs (4 video in one) #92

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Frozen is a 2013 American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. the film is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s the film is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s It tells the story of a fearless princess who sets off on a journey alongside a rugged […]

Learn Colors with Peppa Pig, Surprise Toys Fun for Kids

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Hello Friends AmuzingToyz here And today we got this little Mommy Baby Doll! And we gonna learn colors! This is the color Red! This is the color Orange! This is the color Yellow! This is the color Green! This is the color Blue! This is the color Purple! Red! Orange! Yellow! Green! Blue! Purple! Red! […]

Solo Female Van Life: How I Shower In My Van 🛀 | Hobo Ahle

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So guess what, today is a shower day! Just kidding, every day is a shower day, for me anyways. But today is a little bit different in the sunset we’re gonna talk about how I shower. So the premise of this kind of being like how I shower specifically inside my van. And that’s not […]

Lily Collins’ Met Gala Night Always Includes a Bathtub Pic

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How to Fix a Leaky Bathtub Faucet : Removing the Stem Seat from a Leaky Bathtub Faucet

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village in this video clip we will be removing our stem seat. Inside of our faucet we have here on the right our stem on the left we have our seat. Located in there our seat is sticking in there our stem comes up to our seat […]

How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring as a Beginner | Home Renovation

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Welcome back to Fix This Build That. Today we’re installing vinyl plank flooring I’ve installed ceramic tile before but this is my first time doing laminate or vinyl flooring now I’ll be installing this in this laundry room and giving you all the beginner tips that I learned along the way I started by moving […]

Children’s Bathroom Mural : Draw a Plan for a Child’s Bathroom Mural

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After we’ve done our research at the local aquarium and you’ve read some books at the library, we’re ready to start getting our ideas down on paper and by this I mean doing a nice little test drawing of what our mural is going to look like. Now if you yourself are not artistically inclined, […]

monologue from a bathtub

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i know not of loss inform me how much pressure does it take upon the forehead to awaken the third eye and join the ranks of gods for only they could have the infinite amount of time it takes to climb the throne of knowledge tell me do you enjoy watching your nose bleed on […]

3AP: Marsha Estell: Black Girl in Bathtub

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[music] My name is Marsha Estell and my project is called “Black Girl in Bathtub” I’m adapting a short film from a ten minute play that I wrote of the same name and it explores why society deems young black and brown girls as less innocent “Ooh, look at you!” “You look so sexy in […]