Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Cave Bathroom Upgrade

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By Grover Koelpin 100 comments

Hey guys welcome back to the channel. My name is cupcake. I hope you guys are looking forward to the weekend it’s Friday which means it’s time for another flash Friday! Are you ready? [I] got some fresh hair dye in my hair, and I’m ready to escape the bathroom *Fart noise* You don’t want […]

Schluter Shower Part 2: Schluter Shower Pan and Curb Installation

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In our prior video we showed you how to put up the drywall and to waterproof it using KERDI membrane for the Schluter shower system. Now in this video, we’re going to show you how to install the Schluter shower pan. This is, again, very straightforward, and we’re going to walk you through it step-by-step. […]


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True Hotel Shower Horror Story Animated

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How much does a luxury bathroom renovation cost? Bathroom tour.

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hi everyone Simon here from Urban Plumbers London today I’m taking you on a tour of a high-end bathroom renovation that I’ve just completed here in Crystal Palace stay to the end of the video for a full breakdown of cost involved in such a bathroom renovation let’s start with a quick overview of the […]

Behind the Design: Charcoal Chic Bathroom (Sarah Off The Grid 2)

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Hey, I’m Sarah! This is Behind The Design and I’m sharing my top three favourite design features in each room from Sarah Off The Grid Season Two! Okay you’ve seen the first episode. The coolest thing ever was being able to paint those faucets! So here’s a little story, Dominic who owns Rubinet and I […]

How to Install a Shower Head : Location For a Handheld Bar Inside a Shower

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Hi! I am Drew Fenn professional home inspector. I am here for Today, we are going to install a shower head and I will show you how and the video is produced by Black Dog Video. You can visit on the internet. Okay, we are going to locate where the shower sprayer is, […]

Easy quick, way to install mosaic tile on a shower floor.

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the back of this tile is completely flat I don’t have to use I can use a very small notched trowel okay so I’m installing a shower floor right here I figured I’d make a video about how I actually accomplish this now this is hexagonal mosaic tile and I’ve already laid it out to […]

NOFX – Shower days (español)

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