Hand Soap and Sugar Slime, No Glue Clear Slime with Hand Soap and Sugar, 2 ingredients Clear Slime

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Hand soap and Sugar Slime

Lush Valentine’s Day Collection Haul ♡

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Hey guys, it’s Kennedy! And for today’s video, I’m doing a Lush haul. And if you watched my videos for a while you probably already know that I love Lush! If you don’t and you’re new here, Hi! I love Lush. There we go. I’m glad we got that out in the open. I do […]

fast rinse conditioners a tale of Love Beauty and Planet

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meet Nia Mia’s big on volume but not on wasting time to get it she does love medium planet conditioners save her from flat hair and can help save some water so now Mia boosts her volume and gives a little left to the planet

Maari 2 (Maari) 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Dhanush, Sai Pallavi, Krishna

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Central Jail. You’ll get all kinds of criminal in a jail. But, here we’ve a prisoner.. Hey! Your time has arrived. ..who created a new history in the world of crime. Beeja. The one who considers crime his religion and work. Kidnapping, murder, robbery, smuggling, drugs. There is no crime that he isn’t involved in. […]

Tub And Shower Faucet Has No Water Pressure

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with now they would called in there is it whenever bill like you had been play if the law include large with million not the temperature look into hot and I realized you know through 10 no and legal will is consider hot water now only be completely off to remember we know paid watches […]

Why Bother To Re-Bath® St Louis? Sure Step Safety Tubs Can Replace Your Tub St Charles MO

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Sure Step Safety Tubs http://www.GetMyWalkinBathtub.com Absolutely nothing seems like a ready and relaxing bath after a long, tiring day. This is an excellent incentive to any sort of hardworking person out there. However, not everyone may have the luxury to access the regular bathtubs. This is where Sure Step Safety Tubs can be found in. […]

Baby Doll Bath Time Fun Pretend Play Aretha Altan

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The baby doll bath time [sound : baby laughing] [children cheers] fun pretend play baby doll bath time fun pretend play @arethaaltan baby play in the basket baby doll looks fun and enjoyed basket already basket full with plastic pretend play horee now basket full baby doll kicking .. kicking .. kicking .. baby doll […]

Raw sewage in the bathtub as a result of landlord’s neglect 001

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This is raw sewage. It goes from the toilet to the bathtub. Because the sewer lines are for some reason clogged up. I’m not a plumber so I don’t know the first thing about this. This is a rented dwelling, a trailer on west twelfth street in Dresden, Ohio. Now, who lives like this? We’ve […]

1980s fiberglass bathtub renewed to shiny white

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Hi, we are in North Austin today and we have a project where we have a project with two two fiberglass tubs. Let me show you. These homeowners just purchased this home and they’re moving in. So they had this new surround installed on the two bathrooms and the two tubs look identical, they’re just […]

Unseen SUPERFOOD in Amazon Jungle – Real Way to Eat AÇAÍ (You’ll Be Surprised) in Belém, Brazil!

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– Good morning, hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Weins. I’m in Belem in the state of Para in Brazil in the Amazon. This is an amazing city that’s known for fish (knife strikes loudly) and also very, very well known for acai, which is a berry from a palm tree. We are […]