How to Buy and Select Luxury Glass Shower Doors – Shower Doors 101 How To

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When we first started the designing process of the bathroom, I just wanted it to be a calm spa-like setting, very soothing, in a Mediterranean feel. I think when you walk in, in see the large pillars with the shower in between, it’s just a very inviting atmosphere. The biggest consideration was really that it […]

Pee in the shower! Save the planet!

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it’s essential to life but increased industrialization deforestation and overconsumption means we’re facing a global water crisis but there’s something you can do to help its a hack that only takes a moment in pee in the shower by flushing just one last time a day you can save over a thousand gallons of water […]

Bathing a Newborn ( Baby ) | Clean

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bathe the baby properly and correctly


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look who’s home And already enjoying a cookie getting all messy, it’s all over your lips This is our last cookie from life’s a batch and Now it makes a n at the end of my name now it says symphony Symphony but my name’s still Symphony, of course it is. it feels so good […]

Nap inside event venue bathroom ends with one man shot, deputies say

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And here’s the camera, and have fun. Okay? Okay. Don’t destroy the bathroom. I won’t. I think. It says Too Faced on it. Does that mean I’m gonna have two faces? I think so. Hi! Can you bring the mop because Evelyn just– Hi guys, it’s me, Emily! And Evelyn. From TwoSisterToyStyle, and today, we […]

Baby Shower Decorations|DIY Baby Shower Centerpieces

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Hello I’m Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates and today’s video is going to be about how to make a baby shower centerpiece so stay tuned. So my daughter-in-law is having a baby, her first baby, a little girl, and some friends from church are throwing her a shower and of course when they asked for volunteers […]

Shower of Sparks Effect in HitFilm Pro

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Jay Haynes for the Film Sensei YouTube channel. Today in this video we are going to create the shower of sparks effect in HitFilm Pro. So you can create this effect and then use it as a sort of a preset for any project and be able to modify it. So I’m gonna create a […]

(4K) The Best Sushi Restaurant 2019 at Nagoya Station | Japanese food travel 名古屋駅観光スポットグルメツアー寿司 極

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Nagoya Trip “Stand-up eating Sushi, Kiwami” Good evening. Today I’m going to eat stand-up sushi at Nagoya. It’s 8 minutes walking from Nagoya Station. The restaurant is located in the corner of the “Ekimae Yokocho” where there are many Izakaya. The “Ekimae Yokocho Building” is lined with twelve taverns that are charming and attractive. You […]

VLOG Наш дом как Магазин Игрушек! Новинки FNAF! ПОТАП И ЛИЗА! МАЛЫШ СТИВЕН // ПАПА ПОТАП

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Good morning friends! Hello everyone! Long time no see, a whole week. Finally it is Saturday, and a new video, which I am preparing for you now. Steve just took bath in the morning, and now he is lying now. Say hello to everyone! Now we will do exercises with dad. Yes, Steven? Let’s show […]