Can I Get Pregnant From Sitting on My Boyfriend’s Lap? – Your Worst Fears Confirmed

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(gentle music) (keyboard keys clacking) – Can you get pregnant from sitting on your boyfriend’s lap? 100%. And here’s how. You’re sitting on your boyfriend’s lap, face to face. He’s wearing jeans, button fly. The manufacturer of the jeans made an error, put too much space in between the buttons. This leaves a gap wide […]

Luka Baby Builds Colorful Sandcastle 💟 Baby Building Cartoons For Kids

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Luka and the Sand City Luka is playing sand in the park. Suddenly a ball flies in and ruins Luka’s sand castle Luka and Elsa! Let’s build a sand city together Luka draws a circle to mark his sand city Spiderman, Luka and Elsa create trees for the sand city Spiderman draws a bigger circle […]

The 0 bedroom, 0 bathroom micro man cave – Offbeat Spaces video

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DEREK DIEDRICKSON: My name’s Derek Diedrickson. Right now, we’re outside of Boston. And I’m a carpenter, tinkerer, microarchitecturer. Something between those lines. Basically, the start of all this, I think– when I was a kid I used to build a lot of forts. And somewhere around that same point in time, when Nintendo first came […]

Construction Start | Kitchen & Bathroom Earthbag Addition Ep1 | Weekly Peek

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with Shae’s bedroom complete, it’s time to move on to the earthbag kitchen and bathroom addition to the main house [music] [music] [dramatic music] I’m super excited about this kitchen everybody’s been so kind not to mention how ugly this wall is and I cannot tell you how excited I am to see it come […]

Video: Snow showers through Friday (12-4-19)

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Baby Shower Blow Up – Check Yourself: Season 7 Episode 16 | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

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[music playing] You’re watching “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” Check yourself. Season seven. You’ll be watching us. Watch the show. For the very first time. You’ll be getting our natural– –and honest reactions. You’re watching it. Where to? The scene you’re about to see is how Jessica Dime’s baby shower was almost ruined. [music playing] […]


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We’ve covered Cold Showers a number of times on the channel and discussed it’s various health benefits. However, one area we don’t always focus on and should do so is its effects on the brain, as studies have shown it can have some interesting effects and may benefit you in ways you didn’t imagine. Therefore, […]

Celebs Who Don’t Shower Daily

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Some celebrities are actually rather candid when it comes to discussing their daily rituals. Some have admitted to skipping out on taking showers for days on end, while others were put on blast by their close friends, co-stars, and anonymous sources. Brad Pitt Brad Pitt’s Inglourious Basterds co-star, Eli Roth, told People that the superstar […]

Drink Toilet Water Or Clean a Public Bathroom | Would You Rather? | Cut

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– Hi, I’m Dietrich. – And I’m Daniel. – And we’re playing Would You Rather. – Welcome to my nightmare. (Coughing`) Come on! They gave you pepper, huh? (Gagging) – [Interviewer] Okay guys, we’re halfway there. (laughing) – It doesn’t feel, it honestly doesn’t. – Oh, is this– – [Interviewer] This is your Would You […]

Spring Essentials & Fresh Tips | ANN LE

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