7 Quick Tub Shower Remodel Tips

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I’m going to give you 7 tips on strategizing on remodeling a tub/shower combo. Particularly, every bathroom should pretty much start out with a level floor. So tip #1 is to always start out with a level floor. And whether that means if you’re ¼ inch or less, I consider that level. You can make […]

Mold in Bathroom | Prevent Mold in Shower by Lower Bathroom Humidity

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Hey Michael here. Let me ask you a question do you have a problem with mold in your bathroom? I’m gonna show you some tips on how to keep mold from growing in your bathroom. Stay Tuned. Singing in the rain Singing in the rain, oh what a wonderful…Oh! okay the first they were gonna […]

Bathtub Refinishing Deceptive Practices & Scams

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Question would you hire a refreshing contractor use a fake address? would it surprise you that eighty percent are doing just that… Kinda sketchy here in this short video I’ll show you how to find them and why they’re doing this when you’re researching for refinishing contractor and you narrow down your search I want […]

Baby Shark toy stops bullet, likely saves sleeping toddler’s life

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Giving my Dog a Bath! Luna the Golden Retriever

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Today we are going to have a little spa date for Miss Luna You

Trapped in a Shower (Camp Story)

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Hey there I’m Tigeatoray and I was once trapped in a shower I am not proud of this It was actually really embarrassing So, some context When I was in middle and high school, almost every year I would go to a five day Muslim summer camp, and- WHUT?! A Muslim summer camp? What’d they […]

T4E – Residential Shower

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Babies Do Things You Can’t Understand – Funny Baby Video

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How To Pick Bathroom Faucets + Master Bathroom Reno Before & After

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It has been so exciting to reveal to you, room by room, what this house now looks like! The transformation is amazing, and I think you’re being to realize that! By now, you’ve already seen our new kitchen and guest bath. I’m so glad you like them, by the way! …and in those episodes, you […]

Live PD: Busy in the Bathroom (Season 3) | A&E

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