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How to paint a straight ceiling line (in a bathroom) — by Home Repair Tutor

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How to paint a straight ceiling line, that’s the question, right? Hi there. I’m Jeff with Home Repair Tutor. And in this video I’m going to share with you how to clean up messy paint lines between two dissimilar colors. So here we are in a pink bathroom that I’ve been working on for who […]

Baywatch (2017) – Shower Scene

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I got the eye of the tiger A fighter Dancing through the fire ‘Cause I am the champion And you’re gonna hear me roar Damn, Ronnie. C.J.! Please! Shit. I never really heard a guy sing that song, but you’re really good. Thank you. C.J., what are you doing here? Here? It’s a coed shower. […]

How to Use an Emergency Safety Shower

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Have you ever walking into a building and wondered “What is the odd looking contraption in the hallway?” Well, that’s actually a shower. But not just any shower. It’s an emergency safety shower. designed to be used in the event of a hazardous chemical exposure. If you work in an area where corrosive or toxic […]

U=U: The Bathtub

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Bathtub TICKLE CHALLENGE. loser licks their feet!! eww!

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Oh what’s good everybody thank you so much for joining in this is been an amazing trip today we are going to get to what you guys have been asking for which is the tickle challenge but there’s going to be an awesome ending to it I promise you we are actually going to be […]

Celebrating St. Nicholas Day

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Happy Sunday, friends! I’m Sarah Baldwin and I have a new “Sunday with Sarah” for you. Today I thought I would talk to you about St. Nicholas, whose day is coming on December 6. It’s St. Nicholas’ Saint Day that’s celebrated in many countries around the world on December 6th and is of course what […]

The BEST BEAUTY GIFTS for the Holidays!!! | دليلك الأفضل لهدايا العيد

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55 Bathroom Countertop Ideas

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55 Bathroom Countertop Ideas

5 Nasty Things In Your Bathroom (& How-to Clean Them!)

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Not too long ago we made a bathroom cleaning video where we demonstrated some effective cleaning techniques for cleaning your tub, toilet, sink, counters, tiles, and even the floor. However, even with all of that stuff being squeaky clean, your bathroom still might harbor germs, bacteria, and other nastiness in areas that you don’t clean […]