How To Extend a Pre-Sloped Shower Tray – Kerdi Shower Tray / Trugard TruSlope Tray & Others

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Lately, we’ve had several requests that we make a video on extending a prie-sloped shower tray pan when the tileable shower area is larger than the available pre-sloped shower tray. Now, we all Truguard, Schlueter Kerdi, Latta Cree and others that supply these trays, will all tell you that if your shower is odd shaped […]


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good morning from the beautiful bye in Thailand and today we’re starting the day at Pike Canyon so let’s go check this place out danger this way we made our way to the top of the canyon so so brave don’t look down gets gets pretty narrow what did you say you want to go […]

Bathroom in English – Vocabulary of bathroom stuff for kids and beginners

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12 – Zde jsou sloni – Země nezemě – 12/15

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Princess Baby Shower: How to Make a Castle Diaper Cake | Pampers

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Hey there. My name is Allison. And today, I’m going to share how to create this gorgeous princess castle diaper cake for a princess-themed baby shower. Here’s what you’ll need. First, fold a diaper in half so that the waistband strip is on the inside. Repeat with a second diaper. Stack the diapers side by […]

WATCH: Few showers early, but a dry weekend ahead

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Dollar Store Bathroom Organization Ideas

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It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to whip this shared home space into shape. In this video, we will share 11 Dollar Store Bathroom Organization Ideas By Lauren Smith. check it all. 1. Use a Lazy Susan Nothing’s worse than having to hunt down your cleaning supplies when you’re already in a rush to […]

The Bathroom Attendant | Anwar Jibawi

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hey where the hell have you been, you’re late. this is like three days in a row.What do you mean, what do you mean it was just two minutes late.It wasnt two minutes its three days now you’re late, you know what this means right.I promise this is the last time. no,no other chance you’re […]

How to Install a Shower Pan Using the KBRS Tileable Shower Base (Tile-Basin®)

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welcome to the KBRS Tile-Basin® installation video in this video you will learn how to properly install a KBRS tile basin this video is not designed to be a tiling instructional video the tools and supplies you’ll need for the video are as follows: a three-quarter inch u-notched trowel (which is supplied) quality polymer modified […]

I shower cold water,weather here so warm🚿🚿

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