HSN | Beekman 1802 Bath & Body Gifts 12.02.2019 – 10 AM

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hey guys what’s up it’s Laci and just because I’m not in my apartment anymore doesn’t mean I want to leave you guys hanging on the bathroom so I’ve come up with a little plan and I want to show you guys what I would have done in my apartment had I stayed there long […]


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Hello Today is the ‘HYUNA – FLOWER SHOWER’ shooting day so I turned on the camera to shoot a makeup video Shall we start? I didn’t apply anything on my face now I’ll apply Tonymoly first essence for the first Soak a cotton pad in essence and apply it I have an ample to introduce […]

Quand on donne le BAIN…

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EZ-Mount | Floating Shower Corner Marble Shelf | Corner X Shelf | Quick, Easy & Strong Installation.

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Smelling Clean, Even with 20 Days of No Showers

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– No showers 14 to 20 days, your bathroom is a five gallon bucket. Sometimes we need to burn our nostrils ’cause we all smell so much. My name’s Jenny Conway and I live in Leavenworth, Washington. I get to go all kinds of amazing, beautiful places. Mount Rainier, Stevens Pass, Mexico City, Denali in […]

Rome and Eddie Sing to Baby Charlie in the Steam Shower – A Million Little Things

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Oh hi Internet! It appears that everyone’s lost their damn mind.. again. You’ve probably heard about HB-2 in North Carolina which requires that people use the bathroom that corresponds with their biological sex. And then, PayPal was like, “See ya! North Carolina, you suck!” Bruce Springsteen, Demi Lovato, and a bunch of artists are like, […]

41 Bathroom Storage Hacks And Solutions That Will Make Getting Ready So Much Easier

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Regardless of your bathroom’s size, You’d probably love to have an even bigger bathroom without paying for costly remodeling. Welcome to Jansen’s DIY and these are 41 brilliant bathroom storage hacks and solutions. 1. The space between wall studs is 16 inches, on average. You’re free to do whatever you please with those extra inches, […]

MARIA AND THE RAINBOW “COLORS OF THE RAINBOW” – Kids Stories Read Aloud | Fun Stories Play

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Hi friends! It’s Sasha and today we’ll be reading Maria And The Rainbow written and illustrated by Marianella Aguirre González . Let’s begin! Maria woke up after a long nap. She was surprised to see a wonderful rainbow outside her window. She started imagining how many things she could paint with each one of the […]