BCSO: Summerdale man arrested for child sex charges on a victim under the age of 12

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Building a Plywood Shower Cabin 🛁 Living Tiny Project #077

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This week we’re gonna show you how we built this shower cabin. So, let’s get started. I’m Duca. And I’m Roberta. And together we are building our own tiny shipping container house. So don’t forget to subscribe. And to join us every Monday for a new episode. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) Getting […]

Obama Says Goodbye & Trump (Allegedly) Gets a “Golden Shower”: The Daily Show

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Last night, the first andlastfirst black president of the United States said his good-bye to 20,000 of his closest friends. And you could tell Obama was really the president of millennials, because the entire speech seemed like one giant subtweet. -(cheering) -Democracy does require… a basic sense of solidarity. We weaken those ties when we […]

Bath Song | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Cartoon Videos & Songs

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“Hey kids! It’s bath time.” Let’s take a bath. But I’ll get, all wet And you’ll get all cleaned. But I took a bath just yesterday. You need to take a bath everyday. A bath will clean you just like new Scrub scrub scrub that’s what you do A bath will clean you just like […]

Man Facing Child Rape Charges Allegedly Hid Cameras In Restaurant Bathroom

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How to Build an Outdoor Shower.

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HOW TO TAKE A SHOWER (Shower Song by Onision) 샤워송

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Hey there! Today, I’m going to sing a song showering. Hmm… Take off your pants. Take off your pants. Sit your butt down. Sit your butt down. We’re taking a crap! [Sighs, sniffs] And we’re also Gonna pee! AHHHHH! Water’s on! Hot water? Still cold. Cold water?! [Onision sighs] I guess we’ll just wait. Water’s […]

Funniest Babies Family Moments – Awesome Baby Family Video

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Funniest Baby First Time Go Swimming With Daddy- Big Daddy

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It is necessary to teach children how to swim at a very young age. Let’s see how daddy can teach baby swimming!

Monkey shower with daisies and roses !!

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Monkey shower with daisies and roses