Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie and Joel’s Bathroom Encounter

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Joel: I’m not a big fan of traveling. And traveling with Burnie is even worse. Joel: I remember when we were sharing the hotel room. Joel: And I’m the first one to awake and so I’m like “I’m gonna go take a shower”. Joel: And I’m taking a shower, and I hear *tap* *tap* *tap* […]

Weather Expert Forecast: Some Showers Tomorrow, Nice Weekend

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J Hus is releasing all his shower thoughts as he questions what happens to vaginas when washed with

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 J Hus wanted to know more about intimate hygiene and asked his fans what products would be the healthiest for washing vaginas  Twitter is the best place to go if you’ve got some serious shower thoughts you need answered, so J Hus – who recently worried fans with some cryptic messages on SnapChat – wasted […]

Cold Shower Therapy: Take Control of Your Business and Life

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Hey everyone. It’s Nick Reese, and today I want to share with you my number one tool that you can use to take control of your life. Be honest. How many times do you know exactly what you need to do yet, somehow, your whole day goes by and you don’t do it? Sometimes we […]

Dishwasher Shower Nozzle Attachment

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Some dishwashers come with a plastic shower nozzle attachment. This attachment is used when the upper rack is removed to wash large items in the lower rack. If you would like to use this feature, this is how it works. First, remove the upper rack by removing the front end-caps and sliding the rack out. […]

How to Ask “Where Is the Bathroom?” | Japanese Lessons

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I’ve never taken a nap in a restroom SHUT UP! Here’s your check! Wait is this a date or we just friends I mean she’s not reaching for the check so maybe this is a date Oh duh I’ll just run to the bathroom real quick to check our relationship status on facebook Excuse me, […]

Morris Carey (On The House) Reviews Wet & Forget Shower

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I tried this wet and forget here’s the deal you read the bottle and it says spray it on and let it sit i can’t remember how long the bottle said to let is sit so anyway I sprayed it but because it was an experiment I sprayed everything i mean i went to the […]

How To Clean Out A Shower Head!

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Hi everybody this is Coach Dom Costa with another episode of hands-on landlording here’s one of the tub/shower combinations that I have in my property occasionally the showerheads may not be functioning property properly maybe they’re not shooting out the water they should what I’m gonna do is quickly get a strap-on wrench tool that […]

Bathmate Hydromax: I Tested Powerful Penis Pump (1 Week Results)!

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Bathmate Hydromax can improve your penis and sex. Easy penis enlargement you can try NOW. Best-selling penis pumps in the world! Enjoy your sex today. Hi there, my name is Justin Josh. As you can see, I tested Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme or HydroXtreme for 1 week. I left all the information in the description box. […]