Mandi Bola anak warna warni – Learning Video for Kids

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Three Four Five Sister don’t drop the ball One first before another The ball falls Wait Lay down and take your doll Next we put the ball Hehehe Sister! Yeah Want a lot of ball? I will drop the ball Don’t do that sister Don’t make the ball falls Enough I woke up and continued […]

Student with autism is moved to bathroom as a “quiet learning space”

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How to Install a Shark Bite Shut Off Valve in a Bathroom (Step-by-Step) — by Home Repair Tutor

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I’m talking low because it’s the early morning hours. I’ve got a special video for you today. I’m going to show you how to install a shutoff valve. This is my very first rental home ever. I’m going to give you a little tour today. We’re going to give you a tutorial on the shutoff […]

Whats In My HUGE Shower?

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Hey guys it’s Ro welcome to my channel. If you are new be sure to subscribe and hit the bells, you get notifications when I make new videos. Today I am in my bathroom because, you all requested that I make a “What’s in my shower,” video. I made a house tour video where I […]

Bagby Hot Springs – Outdoor Bathtubs

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Hey everybody, welcome to Oregon. it is my first time in this state and it is absolutely beautiful We are on a hike today, my friend Todd here with me. You’ve seen him in my previous videos There’s also Julia with her dog. I’ll introduce you later. Right now. We are a couple of hours […]

The ABC Song for Bath Time – Alphabet Song – Kids Songs from Noddington

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Perlier Honey Lemon 3piece Kit

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More Than Friends

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– [Brunette] And then we went to PacSun – [Casey] Oh, PacSun, wow, so you were a wannabe surfer chick. – [Brunette] I had no idea what I wanted to be, that’s the thing (laughter) – [Casey] ’cause you’re not supposed to right now. – [Brunette] That’s true. So I’m still trying to know now. […]


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